Production and recording studio equipment

At Westend DJ you will find a fantastic selection of specialist recording studio and production equipment including pre-amps, synthesisers, keyboards, signal processing and studio monitoring equipment. Buy the latest production kit from leading manufacturers including Ableton, Steinberg, Shure, SE Electronics and Focusrite. read more

Not just a DJ? Why not take a look at our guitar effects pedals and specialist vocal processors; we offer a dynamic range of microphones and bundles with everything you need to record the perfect vocal. 

Serving producers and professional recording studios all over the UK, we offer a vast array of studio monitors, mixers, furniture and accessories to compliment your existing workstations delivered straight to you.

Westend DJ Production Store

Visit our Westend DJ production shop with recording studio at 11 Great Russell Street, London. Try out the latest production gear from across the globe as well as learn how to sample, create and layer your own sounds with our professional production equipment.

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