Teenage Engineering PO-137 Rick & Morty

Limited edition PO-137 Rick & Morty vocal synth and sampler with 8 different voice character sampling options with new custom Rick and Morty visuals within the animated LCD screen.

Key Features:

  • Limited edition compact, pocket-sized synthesizer
  • Includes exclusive sounds and catchphrases from Rick and Morty
  • 120 seconds of sample memory
  • Specially-animated LCD screen
  • Compact and highly portable

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    The limited edition Teenage Engineering PO-137 Rick & Morty is a collaboration with co-creator, producer and voice of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland.

    The PO-137 is a vocal synth and sampler, much like the PO-33 Speak, but comes with eight different voice character sampling options. Roiland has lent his vocal talents to the project, and the instrument also features new custom Rick and Morty visuals within the animated LCD screen.

    The Pocket Operator includes all the same features as the rest of the Metal Series, such as the built-in microphone, 120-second sample memory, folding stand and alarm clock.

    Program awesome beats
    It's never been easier to program beats through the PO-137. The onboard controls are intuitive and easy to follow. Just set your PO-137 to write, select your sequence and record your drum pattern by using one of the 16 sequence buttons. There are loads of sounds for you to choose from including kicks, snares, hats, and of course voice samples from Rick and Morty.

    Record your own samples
    Record your own samples fast and get them into your beats. Using the inbuilt mic record any source and sequence them into your beats just like with your drums. You can then add crazy effects to really bring out the flavour. This makes the PO-137 its own all-in-one music-making machine!

    Main features of the Teenage Engineering PO-137 Rick & Morty include:

  • Pocket-sized synthesizer with two built-in encoders
  • Exclusive Rick and Morty sounds including catchphrases and more
  • 120 seconds of sample and voice memory
  • Built-in FX and sequencing for creating patterns
  • Specially animated LCD screen with exclusive Rick and Morty pics
  • Compact and highly portable design
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