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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Multimedia Synthesizer & Sequencer

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is a groundbreaking new stand-alone synthesizer that lets you sequence music, images, 3D graphics and DMX lighting.

Key Features:

  • Advanced multimedia 16-track sequencer
  • Multi-timbral physical modelling synth
  • Upgradeable modular effects architecture
  • 14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing
  • Pairs wirelessly with iOS for real time display
  • 6 axis motion sensor
  • Integrated MEMS microphone
  • Synchronise audio with visual displays

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    The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is a groundbreaking new stand-alone synthesizer that lets you sequence music, images, 3D graphics and DMX lighting.

    The portable OP-Z offers boasts a 16-track sequencer and synthesizer, with a range of sample based and synth based sounds. It can be used completely stand-alone with its integrated intuitive LED interface, and for full real time visual feedback it can be connected wirelessly to an iOS device unlocking multi touch features - perfect when performing live.

    The OP-Z offers endless sequencing possibilities. With 160 user programmable patterns, and endless pattern chaining. The OP-Z allows for step recording and live recording, with a range of controls for editing your pattern, making it ideal for jamming and live performance.

    Component based step sequencing
    One of the basic concepts of the OP–Z is it's ability to run each track totally independent from one another. Tracks can run at various speeds, have different lengths and loop points. Separate tracks can even jump-cut back and forth irregularly and randomly if you want. Using this you can make a short sequence sound more or less different each time it is repeated in your composition.

    Step Components
    Step Components is a new feature from Teenage Engineering which makes it possible to add unique step behaviours to each of the 16 steps. This new tool makes composing a track much more dynamic, deep and rich with the first layer being a traditional 16 step-sequencer, and the second layer adds variation per cycle, micro-sequencing, direction, note variation, parameter changes, re-triggering, and much more, all on one single step.

    The tracks on the OP–Z are polymetric. Meaning that each track has dynamic track length from 1 up to 144 steps. Making it possible to work in high or low track resolution. you can choose to go completely off-grid or stay 100% quantized. Thanks to the OP–Z real time melodic analysis you can at any time automatically transpose whole sequences in different scales across six octaves.

    Image & 3D Graphics Sequencing
    By downloading the free OP-Z iOS app from Apple's app store, you have the opportunity to pair your phone and OP-Z together to add several unique features. For example, you can use your phone's camera to take a number of photos, and then arrange them to a beat, essentially creating your own synchronised music video.

    Full Unity 3D Integration
    Teenage Engineering have worked closely with Keijiro Takahashi and the Unity Tokyo studio to allow the OP-Z to fully integrate with the Unity game engine. By linking the OP-Z with Unity, it allows users to create anything within Unity. 

    OP–Z comes with 16 sample packs, each containing 24 samples. The basic configuration is divided into kicks, snares, percussion and effects, and you can easily add your own samples.

    Sound Engines
    OP–Z comes with 8 synthesis based sound engines. more sound engines will be released continuously and made available through the configurator in the OP–Z app.

    OP–Z has two separate fx-buses, shared across all instrument tracks. 
    The built-in fx are delay, reverb, bit-crush and distortion. Future firmware upgrades will expand the OP–Z with even more fx.
    Bring Your Own Screen
    The OP–Z connects wirelessly to an iOS device, and thanks to the extremely energy efficient BLE technology your OP–Z will run and sync to your screen for hours and hours, without you having to charge the unit. (currently available for iOS only)

    With the free OP–Z app you see the numbers and graphs behind the music you create in real time. At a glance, you know how your instruments are balanced in the 
    mixer or just how much effect is applied to each instrument.
    Pitch bend and microphone 
    On the front of the OP–Z you find the pitch bend in the form of a soft, pressure-sensitive, thumb button. The pitch bend adds an analogue touch to any instrument – perfect for that solo break.
    Lift the OP–Z to your mouth, and the accelerometer activated microphone will turn on. Hold the function buttons to change the settings for the microphone.
    Main features of the Teenage Engineering OP-Z include:
  • Advanced multimedia 16-track sequencer
  • 160 user programmable patterns endless patterns chaining
  • Upgradeable modular effects architecture. included effects: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo etc
  • 14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing
  • When paired or connected to an ios device, the ios device will act as a screen for OP-Z
  • OP-Z iOS app free download from app store
  • 6 axis motion sensor (g-force) assignable to any synthesizer parameter
  • integrated MEMS microphone
  • USB type C connection
  • 3.5 mm 4-pole jack connection
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