Shure Earphones and In-Ear Monitors at Westend DJ

If you're serious about sound on the move then the Shure SE earphones could be the perfect fit for your in-ear monitoring needs! The entire SE range is based around the sound isolating priniciple, the earphones can block up to 37 dB of background noise depending on the fit of the sleeve used and custom moulds can be used to ensure optimal audio quality. Using a unique MicroDriver system, which increases the number of drivers used and crossover technology to clearly define frequency bands as you move up through the range, Shure have engineered the SE earphones with audio clarity at the core of the design brief and it's clear from the moment you play your first track through them - you'll hear details that you've never heard through conventional in-ears.

With six models to choose from in the range, you might be wondering what the differences are between the earphones, and perhaps more importantly - which Shure SE earphones are right for you?

The Shure SE112 is the entry level model, it uses one dynamic driver per ear piece and does not feature a detachable cable. While they are the entry level in the SE range the SE112 earphones are without doubt a notable upgrade from the standard earbuds supplied with the majority of portable digital devices. Like all models in the range, the 112 deliver a powerful, clean sound and the comfortable sound isolating sleeves are capable of blocking up to 37 dB of ambient noise.

Undoubtedly the most popular model in the SE range, the Shure SE215 features two balanced armature drivers, a detachable cable and are capable of up to 37 dB of noise reduction using the included Fit Kit sleeves. These sound isolating earphones deliver detailed, warm audio alongside effective sound isolation. Shure's Dynamic MicroDriver technology really shines when combined with the soft, flexible sleeves in multiple sizes which block 90% of ambient background noise.

The Shure SE315 uses one balanced armature driver per earpiece which is combined with a tuned BassPort to deliver crisp, clear audio. The single High Definition MicroDrivers and BassPort technology combine with the sound isolation sleeves to provide a sonic experience which is without rival at this pricepoint. The SE315 feature, a gold-plated MMCX connector, 360-degree rotation, and a Fit Kit to ensure sound isolation and hearing protection.

If clear, defined audio is at the top of your list of requirements, the Shure SE425 is potentially the in-ear for you. With two balanced armature drivers which are configured using a passive crossover to define the high and low frequency bands delivered by each of the High Definition MicroDrivers you'll hear sonic details for the first time that you did not know was present. The SE425 also feature a shock isolator, that protects the drivers against sudden impact.

The Shure SE535 uses three balanced armature drivers to deliver spacious audio with rich bass and effective sound isolation - with a reduction of up to 37 dB of background noise. The SE535 feature Triple High Definition MicroDrivers, which has allowed Shure engineers to configure these in-ears with dual woofers and apassive crossover to define extreme frequencies. When combined with correctly fitted sound isolation sleeves, the 535 deliver audio clarity across the frequency range.

Things just got serious! The Shure SE846 earphones take in ear monitoring to the next level. With four balanced armature drivers including subwoofer performance, detachable cable, ergonomic earphones housing and superb sound isolation the 846 is the flagship model in the SE range. The SE846 sound isolating earphones deliver deep low-end performance without compromising mids and highs. The Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers with True Subwoofer, detachable filters for customizable frequency response, and sound isolating sleeves combine with an impressive list of technical innovations to deliver reference grade audio.

Shure recognise that in-ear monitors at this price point are a serious investment! To ensure longevity the SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 all feature a replaceable cable. This cable is also sweat resistant so whether you're on the move around a stage or you're out running, the Shure SE range has been engineered to resist conditions that could put other in-ears under pressure to maintain performance.

Here at Westend DJ we appreciate that the investment in sound isolating earphones can be expensive. To help you make your decision we have the entire Shure SE range available for demonstration at our London DJ Equipment Store located at 10-12 Hanway Street, London W1T 1UB - we're open seven days a week so please feel free to drop in for a demo!

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