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Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer

The TR-8S is the new flagship drum machine from Roland, with vast improvements including sample import, 8 analogue outputs, an audio/MIDI interface, trigger outs and more.

Key Features:

  • Includes every sound from the most sought-after TR drum machines
  • Powerful new processor
  • Sample import: import and manipulate your own sounds
  • 8 individual analogue outputs
  • Audio/MIDI interface
  • Trigger out, external in for external sources
  • RGB assignable colour faders and TR-REC buttons

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    The Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer is the new flagship of the TR series, responding to feedback on the established TR-8 and making exciting improvements and additions.

    The TR-8S features sounds from all of the iconic TR machines; 808, 606, 909, 707, 727, and several modified versions. In addition to the extensive collection of preset samples, the TR-8S drum machine now features sample import, allowing you to import your own mono or stereo sounds using the SD slot. The samples can be deeply manipulated with control over decay, tuning, sample start points, speed and direction to create entirely new kits and layered sounds.

    8 separate analogue outputs are now included at the rear of the machine, give you the freedom to process individual sounds through external effects and your mixer or DAW channels, and flexible routing allows for instruments and groups to be assigned to an output. The TR-8S sounds big, punchy, and spacious thanks to its high- resolution 24bit/96kHz digital-to-analog converters.

    Apart from being powerful drum machine, the TR-8S is a complete multi-channel audio and MIDI interface. You can connect the TR-8S to a computer or AIRA Link host, and transfer MIDI and high-resolution audio over a single USB cable. Record each drum instrument to a different channel for individual processing and recording, automate parameter movements from your DAW by CC messages, or sync the TR-8S to your computer or device. The TR-8S also includes a dedicated trigger output as well as stereo audio inputs for external sources. Its assignable outputs can even be used as additional triggers letting you control external instruments and mix them with the TR-8S’s internal sounds, expanding the creative possibilities in the studio and on stage. Each pattern has a dedicated trigger track for access to all kinds of variations with no need to use up an instrument.

    Aesthetic and ergonomic improvements have been made on the TR-8S making it more of a focal point in any setup. Colourc-ded RGB faders and TR-REC buttons let you customize the brightness, glow, and color of each element. This lets you group sounds visually, ideal for live applications. To top it all off.. Absolutely everything can be backed up on an SD card. Just put it into another TR-8S and you’re back in the game.

    Main features of the Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer include:

  • New sequencer, motion-recording, and increased variations
  • Powerful new processor
  • Includes every sound from the most sought-after TR drum machines
  • Import your own mono or stereo sounds using the SD card slot
  • Drumatic effects on each channel
  • The TR-8S can store 128 patterns-each with eight variations and three kinds of fills - can be triggered individually or chained together for evolving sequences
  • Create evolving patterns with variations, fills, and motion
  • Customize and automate fills
  • Motion recording to add dynamics
  • Eight analog outputs
  • Trigger out, external in for external sources
  • Audio and MIDI interface
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic improvements
  • RGB color faders and TR-REC buttons let you customize the brightness, glow, and color of each element
  • Total Recall: Every kit, every pattern, and every setting for literally everything can be backed up on an SD card. Just pop it into a fresh TR-8S and you’re back up and running

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