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Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III Guitar FX Processor

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    Product Code: 400028680

    With AdrenaLinn III´s unique filter sequences, random filter patterns and synced modulation effects, even simple musical ideas are transformed into rhythmic masterpieces, all locked to the internal drumbeats or MIDI clock. Add 40 superb amp models, note-triggered filter effects, reverb, compression and extensive MIDI pedalboard control, and you´ll see why AdrenaLinn III stands alone in a sea of commodity guitar effects.
    What´s included
  • AdrenaLinn III
  • Power supply (120 volts AC for U.S. or Canada shipments. 240 volts AC for other destinations, with interchangeable Euro, UK, US/Japan and Australia power plugs. Provides 9 volt DC at 650 mA.)
  • User Manual
  • Preset and Drumbeat Listing manual.
  • Padded shipping box

    7-3/8"w by 4-3/4"d by 2"h

    Rear panel connectors
  • Input (1/4" mono phone jack)
  • Left/Mono out (1/4" mono jack)
  • Right out (1/4" mono jack)
  • Phone out (1/4" stereo jack)
  • Midi in
  • Midi out
  • Power in (9 volts center pin positive, 500 mA, 12mm long by 5.5mm outside diameter by 2.1mm inside diameter)

    200 presets, each containing all settings that affect the guitar signal.

    Audio Processors
  • Modulation FX
  • Amp Model
  • Compression
  • Delay
  • Reverb

    Foot Control
  • Left foot switch starts/stops drumbeats and filter sequences. If held, decrements preset. Both pressed and held states are reassignable to one of 55 options.
  • Right foot switch turns on/off a specific effect, set uniquely for each active preset by the Effect Switch setting. If held, increments preset. Both pressed and held states are reassignable to one of 55 options.
  • 2 external Midi expression pedals may be individually set to control one of 20 parameters, set uniquely for each preset.
  • 10 external Midi foot switches may be individual set to control one of 55 assignments, set globally.
    Modulation Effect processor
  • Mod Effect (Tremolo, Filter tremolo, Flanger/Chorus, Rotary, Vibrato, Random Filter, Random Flanger, Tremolo sequece, Filter Sequence, Arpeggiator sequence, Auto Filter, Talk Box, Volume Envelope, Auto Pan, Wah Pedal, Fixed Filter, Fixed Flanger, Sci-fi.)
  • Variation (between 5 and 21 variations for each Mod Effect setting)
  • FX/Dry (blend of filtered and dry signal)
  • Mod On (on or off)
  • Speed (for LFO Effect types, sets LFO rate from 8 bars to 32nd notes and all triplet values, plus fixed rates from , 4 bars, 2 bars, 2 bar triplet, 1 bar, 1/2 note, /4/2/1 measures to 32nd triplets, plus 100 fiexed rates from .03 hz to 10 hz. For Env Gen Effect Types, sets one of 100 combinations of 10 attack and 10 decay times ranging from 10 ms to 3 seconds.
  • Depth (sets modulation depth, either positive or negative)
  • Frequency (sets filter initial frequency)
  • Resonance (filter resonance)
  • FX Order (set FX order to ModFX > Comp > Amp, Comp > Amp > Mod FX, Mod FX > Amp > Comp, or Amp > Mod FX > Comp. Delay and Reverb are always last.
  • Stereo (sets width of pan modulation)
  • Mod Source (set by Mod Effect and Variation controls but adjustable afterward. Options are Sequencer, LFO, Note-triggered Envelope Generator, Envelope Follower, Note-triggered Peak Hold, Midi Note Number, Env Gen x LFO, Env Gen x Peak Hold, LFO + Sequencer, Sequencer + Midi Note).
    Note: Sequencer is always 2 measures, configured as 32 x 16th notes, 24 x 8th triplets or 16 x 8th notes. Swing level of 16th note follows drumbeat´s swing level. Each step includes programmable level and envelope generator on/off.
  • LFO Wave (set by Mod Effect and Variation but adjustable afterward. Options are Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth, Square and Random)
    * Filter Type (set by Mod Effect and Variation but adjustable afterward. Options are lowpass 2 pole, lowpass 4 pole, bandpass, highpass, notch, flanger/comb, flanger/comb inverted, amplitude)
  • Volume (output volume of Mod FX processor)
    Amp Model processor
  • Amp Select (Fender Bassman, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Fender Champ, Marshall JTM-45, Marshall Plexi Super Lead 100, Marshall JCM800, Marshall JCM2000, Vox AC30, Vox AC15, Roland Jazz Chorus, Hiwatt DR103, Mesa Boogie Mark II, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Soldano SLO-100, Bogner Uberschall, Deizel VH4, ENGL Powerball, Peavey 5150 MkII, Bogner Ecstasy, Budda Twinmaster, Matchless Chieftain, 10 custom Roger Linn Design amp models, Acoustic 360, Ampget SVT, Gallien-Krueger 800RB, SWR SM-500, Fuzz Tone, Octave Fuzz, clean tube preamp)
  • Drive (gain before distortion, up to 4000x for high-gain models)
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • Post Treble (frequency of 2 pole lowpass filter after distortion)
  • Amp Volume (output)
  • Amp On (on or bypass)

    Compression processor
  • Compression Drive
  • Volume (output)
  • Compression on/off

    Delay processor
  • Delay Time (2 bars, 1 bar, 1/2 notes, 1/4 notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, 32nd notes, with triplet and dotted settings for each)
  • Delay Volume (input level)
  • Delay Repeats (feedback)
  • Delay On (on or off)
  • Treble (frequency of lowpass filter on delayed signal)
  • Stereo (width of stereo spread between dry and delayed signals)

    Reverb processor
  • Time (5 decay times from small room to large auditorium)
  • Volume
  • Treble (frequency of lowpass filter on delayed signal)
  • Reverb On (on or off)
    Drum Machine
    200 programmable drumbeats, each with 32 steps. Each step has 3 kick levels or off, 3 snare levels or off, 3 hihat/ride/tamb/shaker levels or off, and one of 3 percussion instruments.

    Drumbeats: 200 fullly programmable on front panel using 4 x 8 parameter control matrix.

    Sounds: 40 sampled sounds
    Tempo: 30 to 250 BPM
    * Volume
  • Treble/Distortion (sets lowpass filter frequency or distortion drive level. Filter and distortion are independent of main filter and amp model distortion.)
  • Timebase (changes playback of beat between 16 x 8th notes, 24 x 8th triplets, 32 x 16th notes or 16th swing or 16th half-swing)

    System (global) settings
  • Program Change (respond to incoming Program Changes or not)
    * Preset Sets Drumbeat (changing preset automatically selects its assigned drumbeat, or not)
    * Tempo Source (Preset tempo, Drumbeat tempo or System tempo)
    * Mix / Separate Outs (sets balance between instrument and drumbeats, or separates them left and right)
  • Midi Input Channel (1-16, off)
    * Midi Sync (in, out, in + out)
  • Gate (9 noise gate threshold levels or off)
  • Direct/Amp (Direct is normal amp model EQ for output to flat sound systems; Amp is compensated amp model EQ for output to guitar amps)
  • Foot Switch Source/Destination (reassigns 2 foot switches, held states of 2 foot switches, and 10 external midi foot switches to one 55 assignments)
  • Midi Drums (On causes incoming Midi note on messages to play internal drums)
  • Dump (permits sending data dumps of single preset or drumbeat; received dumps are always loaded when received.)
  • Beat-Synced Effects
    Select one of the 200 presets, play simple chords or arpeggios in time to one of the drumbeats, and listen as AdrenaLinn III transforms them into looped rhythmic patterns of spiked, swooped, swirled, chopped and mangled tonal variations, inspiring you to new and unexpected compositional ideas. Or simply use a tremolo or flanger that moves in perfect sync to the beat. All the modulation effects you know and love now sync to you.

    A Modular Synthesizer where you are the Oscillator
    Inside AdrenaLinn III are the elements of a modular synthesizer-- various filters, an LFO, a digital VCA, step sequencer, note-triggered envelope genrator, envelope follower and more--that you can connect together to create effects. But instead of an oscillator to generate the sound source, that´s your job.

    40 Superb Guitar Amp Models
    Ever since Hendrix´s wah-wah and Marshalls, filters and distortion have had a very special relationship. But a wah sounds different with a

    Fender than with a Marshall, so we give you 40 faithful reproductions of the greatest guitar amps, providing everything from sweet, bell-like tones to extreme high-gain distortion. Of course, they sound incredible even on their own.

    Programmable Drum Machine
    Beat-Synced effects need a beat to sync to, so AdrenaLinn III includes a programmable drum machine with 200 inspiring beats, 40 sounds and

    two degrees of swing for natural human feel. Or turn the beats off and hear the effects sync to your track, syncing to your computer recording software via Midi.

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