RCF started producing transducers in 1949, these were used in the earliest products sold by the brand which were microphones and loudspeakers. By the 1960s, RCF were manufacturing high power transducers and became one of the first European OEM suppliers for international manufacturers.  RCF began to develop complete pro audio systems when they realised that the technological culture the company had created was without rival.  Quickly establishing itself as a market leader, RCF has enjoyed success in multiple audio markets throughout the company’s history, from Hi-Fi to public address, portable loudspeakers and huge concert systems.

With a passion for perfection, the design of every product is driven by the pursuit of excellence. To maximise the capabilities of the end product, RCF develops all components in-house. Understanding the needs of musicians, entertainers, sound engineers, architects and system integrators has led RCF to create an extensive catalogue, covering all aspects of the audio chain.

RCF treat the design process as an evolution, this concept leads to the continual improvement of each component. The hi-tech manufacturing facility in Italy also follows this principle. With full control of the manufacturing process, RCF is able to augment quality and reliability at speed.  This constant evolution is clear from the product portfolio, with the RCF ART series now at revision 4, each incremental update represents a significant update from the last.

With nearly 70 years of experience, RCF remains a fundamental reference for all audio professionals and enthusiasts.

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