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Rane were established in 1981 and subsequently began supplying high quality crossovers to the most famous disco clubs around the world. With attention to fine details and unrivalled build quality, Rane have constantly manufactured world first products which have shaped the DJ world into the thriving scene it is today. As early as 1990, Rane developed and patented technologies used in some of the most popular mixers to date, there's a good reason they were the mixer of choice at the Ministry of Sound for many years! By early 2000, Rane would develop the worlds first non-contact magnetic fader. Four years later they knocked their heads together with Serato Audio Research to produce the first full DVS mixing system Scratch Live and  the SL1 interface was born. Since then, Rane have been producing unrivalled digital vinyl systems in both standalone and integrated forms. 

Rane products are a pleasure to use, thanks to the company's undying attention to both function and form. All Rane products are intuitive to use and quickly become an extension of yourself, maximising your workflow and allowing you to manipulate your music and perform, just how you want to. Rane continue to innovate, even in today's competitive market. The SEVENTY-TWO mixer features Mag Three contactless tension-adjustable faders and a 4.3” touch screen as well as FX stacking capability. Rane are also responsible for the TWELVE, a motorised DJ controller designed for turntablists and DJs to experience digital format music in its purest, seamless analogue feel.

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