Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler Sequencer

The Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 is a sampler with step sequencer with 16 performance pads and 7" touch screen

Key Features:

  • Sampler with built in 16 step sequencer
  • Stand alone unit - no computer required
  • 16 velocity sensitve, multi colour pads
  • 7" Touch screen
  • Load samples from USB
  • 8gb on board memory
  • Pioneer DJ Link to sync CDJs.

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    The Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler / Sequencer is designed for the producer and also for the liver performing DJ / Remixer.

    You can record your own sounds directly in to it on the fly or use ready made samples and build an entire track using those sounds and manipulate them using the built in Dave Smith filters. It is a stand alone unit and does not need a computer to work.

    16 performance pads: All backlit with multi colour LEDs and a velocity mode to play at different levels depending on how hard you hit them.

    7" touch screen: to see all the information clearly, like wave forms and assigning sample colours, access menus and more. For example you can label different groups of sounds with different colours, like snares or vocals.

    16 step sequencer: to create up to 256 patterns, all multi colour back lit. Or use them fo one shot sample triggers.

    8GB of built in flash memory: lets you store loads of samples on board, you can load samples from a USB stick or record them on the fly. The Toraiz SP16 ships with 2gb of samples from Loopmaster.

    Dave Smith analogue filters: taken from the legendary Prophet 6 synth, built in and at your fingertips, for that authentic analogue warm sound.

    Touch strip: for pitch bending and effect parameter control.

    We can see this being used in DJ setups, linked to a CDJ / DJM NXS2 system using the Aux send and return on a DJM900 NXS2 to grab samples and using the DJ link (ethernet) to BPM  sync with the CDJ's.

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