Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 DJ Headphones - Black

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 DJ headphones are the latest addition to the HDJ range, continuing to deliver a deeper connection at this new entry-level price point.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for DJ monitoring with rich bass and clear sound reproduction
  • Designed for listening pleasure - great for use even when you’re not DJ’ing
  • Professional design, lightweight and comfortable
  • Compact, foldable design- take the HDJ-CUE1 anywhere

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    The Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 DJ headphones have been designed and manufactured to deliver excellent performance at a price point that should appeal to beginners who are taking their first steps into the world of DJ’ing.

    Pioneer DJ’s HDJ range is built around one core goal – the creation of a deeper connection between the wearer and their music. The HDJ-CUE1 is no exception, delivering rich bass and clear sound from a lightweight and compact headphone – without compromising on build quality.

    These DJ monitoring headphones have a flexible headband with superb adjustability thanks to the robust metal slider and swivel function. For ease of transportation the headphones fold to reduce the space needed to carry them – popping them into a rucksack shouldn’t pose any problems.

    While the HDJ-CUE1 does have the smallest housing size within the HDJ range, it does make use of the same size drivers found in the larger HDJ-X5 model. To ensure that these DJ monitoring headphones perform as expected, Pioneer DJ have utilised a bass reflex design. The bass reflex porting ensures that low frequency reproduction and sound isolation – two essential characteristics that DJs look for in a decent pair of cans – are not compromised.

    Frequency range reproduction again matches up with the X5 – the CUE1 has a frequency range between 5Hz and 30,000Hz. The HDJ-CUE1 are supplied with a 1.2 metre cable which can extend to 1.8 metres if required. The CUE1 is the lightest pair of headphones within the HDJ range. Weighing in at 200g, the lightweight and compact design makes them perfect for listening duties when you’re not in the mix, we’re sure to see plenty of owners out and about.

    If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd you can customise your HDJ-CUE1 using the HC-CP08 accessory packs which include coloured pads and a matching cable. The accessory packs are available in orange, blue, yellow, green and pink.

    The HDJ-CUE1 are the perfect partner for the DDJ-200, DDJ-400 and DDJ-SB3 DJ controllers from Pioneer DJ. Check out our bundle options including the CUE1 headphones and the incredible DM-40 monitors for the perfect beginner DJ package.

    The main features of the HDJ-CUE1 include:

    • Rich bass and clear sound reproduction for DJ monitoring
    • Designed for listening pleasure when you’re not DJ’ing
    • Sleek, professional design which delivers comfortability while remaining lightweight
    • Take the HDJ-CUE1 anywhere thanks to the compact, foldable design

    Deeper Connection | The Pioneer DJ HDJ Range

    The Pioneer DJ HDJ range of headphones consists of five core models - the HDJ-CUE1, HDJ-X5, HDJ-S7, HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X10.

    You might be wondering what the differences are and for some models the specifications might seem, at first glance, very similar. Each headphone in the range has been designed to meet a very particular DJ need. While there are Bluetooth versions available for some models in the range (the HDJ-CUE1BT-K/R/W and the HDJ-X5BT) the HDJ range are DJ headphones that deliver a deeper connection with your music. The deeper connection is achieved through superb sound quality with some tonal boosts in the areas that DJs need them most to aid mixing.

    While the HDJ headphones share a common design style, the materials used across the HDJ range vary as do the a number of specifications and warranty periods. The HDJ-X range all have two year warranty from Pioneer DJ, this is because they are built to a military grade to ensure longevity. The HDJ-CUE1 and HDJ-S7 have a one year warranty but the S7 does offer replacement parts - just like the legendary HD25. The HDJ-CUE1, HDJ-X5/7/10 are over ear headphone designs while the S7 is an on ear design because of the smaller cup size (again think HD25 sizing).

    Of the over ear headphones, the HDJ-CUE1 has the smallest driver housing at 80mm. The X models in the HDJ range all feature 90mm driver housings, but the drivers differ in both size and materials. The HDJ X5 has a 40mm driver (which it shares with the HDJ-CUE1) while the X7 and X10 use a 50mm driver and are capable of handling far higher maximum input levels (3,500mW compared to 2,000mW for the X5 and CUE1). All models deliver exceptional low frequency reproduction and sound isolation, although the S7 doesn't suppress outside noise quite as well - again this is due to the reduced cup size.

    Which HDJ model is best for you depends on your requirements and budget. The X10 is probably the ultimate DJ headphone, but has a price tag to match. The X7 and S7 models are more affordable and feature great specifications when compared to headphones from competitors. The X5 doesn't really have much competition given the £89 price tag and the new HDJ-CUE1 delivers exceptional performance for an entry-level headphone below sixty quid.

    Release Date 2020
    Housing Size 80mm
    Driver Size 40mm
    Sound Frequency Range 5Hz - 30,000Hz
    Maximum Input Power 2000mW
    Foldable Yes
    Cup Swivel Yes
    Ear Pads PU Leather
    Cable Type Coiled
    Cable Length 1.2 metre (1.8 metre maximum extension)
    Input Connector Bayonet
    Warranty 1 Year Manufactuer Warranty
    Colour Black
    Weight (without cable) 200g
    Weight (with cable) 215g
    Replaceable Parts Cable/Ear Pads (various colours available)

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