Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 Performance Dj Controller - Black

Blending traditional battle-style deck position with a DJM-S mixer emulation - the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 is perfect for open-format DJs

Key Features:

  • Large Jog-Wheels for dynamic scratching
  • Magvel Fader in a DJM-S Series layout
  • Battle Style Layout
  • Dedicated STEMS buttons for easy control
  • Serato DJ & Rekordbox compatible

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    The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 DJ controller seamlessly blends a traditional “battle-style” layout with the latest digital innovations to create a dynamic open-format experience for DJs whose sets are not bound by genre or BPM.

    With large “weight” adjustable jog-wheels, a Magvel equipped mixer, DJM-S series style performance pads as well as FX levers, and deck orientation that emulates a PLX turntable in battle mode – the REV5 delivers an authentic scratch experience. Combine this with a plethora of STEMS control options – including dedicated buttons for vocals, melody, bass and drums when using Serato DJ or vocal, drums and instruments when using rekordbox – and it’s easy to see why the latest addition to the DDJ-REV series has been billed as an open-format dream.

    STEMS Mute/Solo, Separate and Level controls encourage DJs to experiment – making track deconstruction and live remix creation almost limitless. Transitions between genres with large differences in tempo is easy thanks to the new Auto BPM Transition feature. Simply choose the number of bars to transition across, hit the dedicated button and the track playing will be tempo adjusted over the selected number of bars – allowing you to drop in at the right time and BPM.

    Pitch Play Enhanced – Piano Play Mode

    The DDJ-REV5 elevates Pitch Play to new levels with Piano Play. In this mode, the 16 performance pads allow you to trigger cue points in semitone increments, with the white keys on the bottom row of pads and the black keys above – just like a piano keyboard! This traditional approach to music theory makes it much easier to create melodies with the arrangement of tones.

    Smooth DJ changeovers are facilitated by a pair of USB Type-C ports, and the extensive pro connectivity continues to the wide variety of inputs and XLR master outputs. The REV5 is both Serato DJ and Rekordbox plug-and-play compatible – providing platform flexibility if you’ve yet to which software you prefer.

    The main features of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 include:

    • Large Jog-Wheels
    • Magvel Fader
    • Battle Style Scratch Layout
    • Dedicated STEMS buttons for easy control
    • Auto BPM Transition
    • Piano Play Mode
    • Serato DJ & Rekordbox compatible

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