PA Speakers

Give your live sound a reliable and powerful reinforcement wherever you are with our wide range of PA speakers for sale with Westend DJ. Perfect for small gigs and large live events we have a variety of brands and designs to suit all situations – from passive speakers to active speakers we have PA systems and subwoofers for sale from big names like Mackie, JBL and DB Technologies. read more

Our range of active speakers vary in technology and power from 280W compact and light speakers for small venues from Alto, to 1000W durable loud speakers that can also be used as a stage monitor. If you are looking for PA systems – we can complete your live show with speaker stands, or wireless packages eliminating the need for speaker cabling and ultimately setting up time all available to buy online or in our Westend DJ shop.

Buy subwoofers at great prices from our online DJ store, we offer fantastic value for money on our wide range of passive and active subwoofers from brands like DB technologies, Yamaha and Mackie. We also stock the carry bags and speaker bags for you to take on tour and keep your new DJ equipment safe and secure whilst out on the road. 

RCF PA Speakers

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