Alto TX2 and TS3 Series Active Speakers


The new Alto TX2 range of speakers feature an all new stunning design and Class D amp modules ranging from 300 w - 600 w (peak) power. There are 4 sizes in the range offering 8, 10, 12 and 15 inch bass drivers. The new design takes leads from the Truesonic 2 series and features a new, wider range horn for improved high frequency dispersion.

The Alto TX208 is an ideal compact monitor for DJs or floor monitor bands with its’ wedge design and great for small PA needs.

Alto have really impressed us with the new Truesonic 3 series, the TS312 for example has an awesome 2000 watt (peak) amp module and produces an awesome amount of sound from a compact box and without sacrificing quality. The Alto TS315 now gives an amazing thump using its' 15" bass driver and also has a 200 watt amp module built in.


Alto TX2 series speakers

Alto TS3 series speakers