Numark are widely acknowledged for the design and manufacture of a vast range of DJ equipment, with products for the beginner, hobbyist or professional. Numark have been responsible for many groundbreaking products, such as the DM1775 Mixer which featured a built in sampler built way back in 1989.  The innovation didn't stop in the 80s - the iDJ was the worlds first fully iOS DJ system,  Numark created the first fully motorised DJ control system; the CDX, which later evolved into the world renowned 7 series of controllers - used all over the world including many of the biggest hip hop artist’s tour DJs.

It’s the 40 year heritage, combined with a sharp ear constantly listening for DJ’s needs, that keep Numark a DJ brand name at the front of peoples minds. The range of DJ controllers is wide, with low priced controllers aimed at beginners and backups for as little as £59 with full compatibility with major software companies such as Serato, Traktor, VirtualDJ and DJay. Other controllers include the popular Mixtrack range which spawned an entire market of reasonably sized DJ controllers with plenty of features at extremely competitve prices. 

Numark created the portablist scratch movement with the PT01 Scratch turntable, and the PT01USB is popular for people who visit record fairs or enjoy playing records without investing in massive phono setups.  Both of these PT01 variants are equipped with USB for digital archiving and future sampling. 

Numark’s company size is more than double its closest competitor, thanks to constantly innovating and producing a wide range of DJ equipment from past and present.

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