NOVATION MiniNova Compact Synthesizer

MiniNova is a powerful compact synth comes packed with 256 incredible onboard sounds which are completely tweakable

Key Features:

  • Hugely powerful micro synth with UltraNova’s sound engine
  • Brand new VocalTune™ and classic vocoder effects
  • Live synth: tweak and warp your sounds in realtime
  • 256 awesome onboard sounds - instantly searchable


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    MiniNova is a compact, super-cool studio and live synth with the same sound engine as its big brother; UltraNova. It comes with 256 incredible onboard sounds that you can tweak with five knobs, or totally warp with eight 'animate' buttons. It has up to 18 voices with as many as five synth effects on each sound. MiniNova also has an onboard VocalTune™ effect as well as a classic vocoder so you can recreate iconic vocal sounds from hip hop, urban and electronic music.

    Main features of the Novation Mininova include:

    Make Huge Sounds
    Create dirty-fat bass, soaring leads, lush pads and vintage sounds with up to 18 voices and powerful effects.

    Built By a Legend
    MiniNova’s synth engine was conceived, shaped and refined by British synth legend Chris Huggett and his five decades of passion, experience and expertise.

    Gently Tweak or Instantly Warp
    Subtly tweak your sounds with the knobs, or totally warp them with the Animate buttons, and pitch and modulation wheels.

    Create Unique Vocals
    Talk or sing into the mic and run your voice through the keyboard and effects engine.

    Find Your Sound Fast
    Instantly search through 256 sounds by type or musical genre, and save 128 more sounds of your own. 

    Layer Your Effects 
    Each voice can be processed with up to five effects, including distortion, reverb, chorus, phase, delay, compressor, EQ and Gator.

    Store All Your Sounds
    Use the Editor Plug-in and Patch Librarian to fully edit your synth and effects, and store as many sounds as you can fit onto your Mac or PC.

    Take It Anywhere
    Tough, compact and bus-powered via USB, so you can easily take it wherever you go. 

    Get Free Sounds
    Download regular free soundpacks created by eminent artists and sound designers.

    Two years warranty
    Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a two-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Novation will send you replacement gear in the UK and the US, and they’ll cover the shipping costs both ways. In the UK, they'll send you a replacement before you return your hardware to them.

    Included Software

    Product Hardware Specifications

    Utility, display and patch select controls

    • 16 character custom LCD

    • 1x large detented patch select encoder

    • 1x patch sort switch

    • 1x volume dial

    • 1x detented data encoder

    • 5x navigation/utility buttons

    • 2x patch navigation buttons

    Keyboard/performance controls

    • Pitch wheel (LED lit)

    • Modulation wheel (LED lit)

    • 37 note keyboard with velocity

    • 4x smooth edit/performance pots

    • 1x large smooth filter pot

    • 1x six position parameter selector switch

    • 6x parameter indicator LEDs

    • 8x three-colour, back-lit animate/arpeggiator/favourite patch-select buttons

    • 2x animate/arpeggiate LED indicators

    • 1x back-lit 'hold' button

    • 1x animate/arpeggiator/favourite patch toggle switch

    • 1x 'favourite' patch select button

    • 1x arpeggiator tempo control pot

    • 1x arpeggiator tempo indicator LED

    • 2x back-lit arpeggiator control encoders

    • 2x back-lit octave select buttons

    Inputs, Outputs, rear panel

    • XLR dynamic mic input

    • 1x ¼” jack inputs

    • 2x ¼” jack outputs

    • 1x ¼” jack headphone output

    • Sustain pedal on ¼” jack input

    • MIDI in/out

    • 12 volt power input

    • USB/DC/off power switch

    • USB port (MiniNova can be powered via USB)

    • Kensington security slot

    Synth Engine

    • Up to 18 note polyphony (dynamic voicing)

    • Mono-Timbral


    Per patch

    • 3x oscillators

    • 1x noise generator

    • 2x ring modulators

    Waveforms include:

    • Square, sine, tri, sawtooth, pulse, 9x saw:pulse combinations

    • 20x digital waveforms

    • 36x wavetables

    Filter types

    • 2x filters per patch

    • low pass no resonance 6dB per octave

    • low pass 12dB

    • low pass 18dB

    • low pass 24dB

    • band pass 6:6

    • band pass 6:12

    • band pass 12:6

    • band pass 6:18

    • band pass 18:6

    • band pass 12:12

    • high pass no resonance 6dB per octave

    • high pass 12dB

    • high pass 18dB

    • high pass 24dB

    Modulation sources

    • 20 modulation slots per patch

    • 6x envelope generators

    • 3x LFOs

    • Aftertouch (Supported in the engine. Note, keyboard does not generate aftertouch)

    • Velocity

    • Key scaling/track

    • Mod wheel

    • Expression pedal

    Total of 66 Destinations including

    • Oscillator pitch, pulse width, wavetable index, level and sync

    • Filter cutoff, resonance, envelope settings

    • Effects parameters and send levels

    • Recursive modulation (modulating modulation sources themselves)

    5 effects slots per patch

    • Distortion – up to 2 instances

    • Compressor – up to 2 instances

    • Chorus/Phase – up to 4 instances

    • Delay – up to 2 instances

    • Reverb – up to 2 instances

    • Gator

    • EQ


    • VocalTune

    • 12 band vocoder

    • Arpeggiator – 33 patterns

    • Realtime Arp rhythm editing function

    • Chord function – lock up to 10 notes

    • Patch storage - up to 384 on hardware (ships with 256 factory patches)


    8 Key features

  • Hugely powerful mini-synth with UltraNova's sound engine

  • Brand new VocalTune and classic vocoder effects

  • Tweak and warp your sounds in realtime

  • 256 awesome onboard sounds - instantly searchable

  • Layer up to 5 effects per voice

  • Comes with editing software and a software patch librarian

  • Run guitars and other instruments though the vocoder and effects

  • 37 key controller keyboard with MIDI I/O

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