With many years experience in the synth and controller market, Novation lead the way in compact controllers for software such as Ableton Live and in analogue synths offering vintage sounds.  

Novation Pad Controllers

The Novation range of pad controllers were originally designed with Ableton Live in mind. With their grid layout they perfectly match the software to make it easy to trigger clips and loops as well as matching the colours too. These can be used with any DAW or software that accepts MIDI signals and even work on iOS devices and are great to help you focus on performing and less time looking at your screen.

Novation Synths and Groove Boxes

Novation have over 23 years heritage of making some of the greatest analogue synths around. Used by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Orbital and Alt-J to create their unique sounds. 


Novation MIDI Keyboards

With keyboards ranging from the ultra compact Launch Key Mini to the full size LaunchKey range to the Impulse, Novation have a controller keyboard that fits all needs with fetaures that offer superb value for money.