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X1000 Mk2 DJ Mixing Console

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    "The NextBeat X-1000 is a whole new way of DJing and performing. This single unit is a twin player and mixer all in one. Play tracks from a memory card use the colour display to pick your tunes, then you can mix and effect the tracks using the removeable touch sensitive controller."
      new style
    • The nextbeat features 2 turntables, a 2-channel mixer, a sampler and an effector. In one machine, you have all the functionality a DJ needs for playing music.
    • The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to move around. You can set it up anywhere you like.
    • You can lift out the portable unit and use it for extended periods via wireless communication. This provides a portable play function that lets you use the console in front of your audience as if you were playing an instrument.

      touch sensors
    • The circular touch sensor allows the user the fexibility to quickly switch between an analogue style turntable, an effects panel and a sampler.
    • It also provides separate, independent touch sensors for controlling the pitch fader, volume fader and cross fader.
    • For the volume fader and cross fader, you can also choose between Normal mode, which is a touch slide mode that emphasises fail-safes, and Absolute mode, which uses direct touch operation to provide dynamic control.

      fully digital
    • Supports the WAV, AIFF, MP3 and AAC-LC music file formats.
    • USB port that allows you to copy music files on a computer without removing the CF card.
    • The Sampler function can be used to directly sample digital sound sources with no loss of audio quality.

      other features
    • 3-Band isolator
    • 6 effectors
    • 3.5-inch LCD panel with adjustable brightness and contrast and wide viewing angle
    • Auto or Manual Detection for BPM.
    • Master
    • Microphone input socket that you can use to add effects.
    • Analogue output and S/PDIF digital REC OUT sockets
    • Independent audio output sockets for each channel so that an external mixer can be also used for the mixing.
    • Continuous playback mode.

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