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NEO D+ Class B USB A to B Cable - 2m

USB Class B cable boasts enhanced shielding for lossless data transfer and is capable of firing 480 Mbps of information

Key Features:

  • Premium quality USB lead for professional use
  • Capable of data transfer up to 480Mbps
  • Silver plated oxygen free copper conductor
  • Flat structure for neat wiring setup, easily fed through narrow spaces
  • Double shielding with individually shielded pairs
  • USB A and USB B connectors
  • Gold plated bronze alloy terminals
  • PVC and fibre glass housing for incredible durability
  • Bright green colour for easy identification

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    The Neo d+ series USB Class B cable boasts enhanced shielding for lossless data transfer and is capable of firing 480 Mbps of information. PBT and fibre-glass housed for extended durability and have a flat design for neat wiring. Signal cables are the last thing you need failing, these cables are reliable addition to your Performance/Recording set up. 

    Digital noise as well as interference from nearby electrical wire can result in a contaminated data signal resulting in a less reliable signal. The d+ USB cable comes encased in a thermoplastic elastomer with a tinned copper and aluminium and mylar individual shielding. This eliminates any form of interference from outside sources so you have the freedom to run the d+ USB cable wherever you need it.

  • Conductor : Silver plated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)
  • Structure : Flat (Inverted concentric structure)
  • Shield : Double shielding(tin plated wire + alminum tape)
  • Insulator : Polyolefin
  • Sheath : PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)
  • Connectors : USB Type A-USB Type B
  • Terminals : 24K gold plated bronze alloy
  • Body : PBT + Glass Fiber30%
  • The architecture under digital environment
    Although the fact that the sound quality under the digital environment is influenced by the quality of AD/DA converter and jitter accuracy of audio clock is well-known, there are other factors that actually change the sound such as noise contamination or matching with the appreciation, driver, and PC hardware.

    As for the high-performance serial bus, it is influenced by the system architecture of software, connectors and circuit patterns, ICs and cables. In addition, isochronous transfer that is applied in many USB audio I/Os have no error correction despite of carrying a huge amount of information at the same time.

    "d+ USB series" was designed for smooth and lossless data transmission in both of the software and hardware system structure. The important thing in the digital signal transmission is passing the signals from sending side to receiving side as natural as possible. Because the signal flows in a cable is, even if it is digital, the electric signal, and the analog-like approach considering the electric property would be very portant and effective.

    Neo took an approach to protect the signal from external and internal noise by electro-magnetic wave and control its electric conductivity and permittivity.

  • Impedance matching
    We carefully made an adjustment impedance matching by advanced technology by considering pitch, diameter, and strand of conductors. Consequently, we achieved accurate data transmission and excellent stability with attenuation of terminal reflection wave.

  • Selected materials
    For class B, in order to transmit serial bus at hi-speed, we applied the silver coated OFC which resistance is 5% lower than copper conductor. For class A and class S, considering bus-powered, we selected the hi-quality PCOCC pure copper conductor.

    Because the signal flows on the surface by skin effect, the PCOCC which has no grain boundary and flat surface is very effective for even data transmission. Therefore, it actualizes the stable data transmission and power supply. In addition, the conductor diameter of the class S is set to AWG22/AWG18 which is twice as thick as the regular cable for powerful sound reproduction.

  • Flat design architecture
    The flat designed cable prevents the signal loss caused by cable bend, change of impedance and electrostatic capacitance. And it protect signal from external/internal noise and electro-magnetic wave by combination of TPE outer sheath, double-shielding, and twist-pair structure.

  • Connector
    The contacts of the USB connectors are made of bronze alloy with selected combination plating for each class. For class S, it is a combination of platinum and rhodium. For class A, it is a combination of silver and rhodium. And for class B, it is gold plating. Each plating enhances durability and stability of the connectors.

  • USB2.0 (HI-SPEED) compliant
  • Spend £ 325.01 more to qualify for payment by finance.

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