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Native Instruments Komplete was launched in 2003, the bundle contained 9 products and shipped in a box large enough to contain real hardware. Over the years the Komplete range would expand and so would the boxes used - the number of CD and DVD ROMs grew with every release. Komplete 7 would be the last version of Komplete to contain everything that NI has released in the previous 12 months since the last version of Komplete.

Komplete 8 introduced the world to the Ultimate and standard editions of the software bundle. Komplete 8 Ultimate was the first to ship with installers included on a HDD, the standard version still included DVD-ROMs for installation, which was also a factor that helped convince users of the benefits of spending more on the larger collection.

The Ultimate and Standard line up continued with Komplete 9 and 10 but the bundle was no longer a "Komplete" selection of everything that NI released, some of the premium libraries were now only available as downloads. Komplete 11 would introduce another product to the line up - the Komplete Select bundle, which had perviously only been available with Native's hardware, was a lower priced entry point to the world of Komplete. Version 11 would also see the removal of DVD-ROMs for installation with all versions shipping on USB drives.

Komplete 12 adds another new package level with the "Collectors Edition" - this version now includes every product that Native currently produce including the premium Symphony series of instruments and the full range of Expansions. Expansions were previously only available as Maschine sample libraries, but had proved so popular that NI decided they should be included in Komplete - making the software bundle even better value for money.

As always, owners of previous versions of Native Instruments Komplete can upgrade or update from previous versions of the software. There are options to purchase reduced rate bundles if you own Komplete 8 upwards.

To compare the included products in Komplete 12 please see the table below:

  Komplete 12 Select Komplete 12 Komplete 12 Ultimate Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition
Number Of Products 17 50+ 100+ 150+
Number Of Sounds 7,000+ 25,000+ 45,000 90,000+
Size Of Library 45GB 220GB 600GB 900GB
Kontakt 6   Y Y Y
Reaktor 6   Y Y Y
Massive X   Y Y Y
TRK-01   Y Y Y
Absynth 5   Y Y Y
FM8   Y Y Y
Form   Y Y Y
Kontour   Y Y Y
Massive Y Y Y Y
Monark Y Y Y Y
Razor     Y Y
Reaktor Prism Y Y Y Y
Reaktor Spark   Y Y Y
Retro Machines Y      
Retro Machines Mk2   Y Y Y
Rounds   Y Y Y
Skanner XT     Y Y
Battery 4   Y Y Y
Flesh     Y Y
Polyplex   Y Y Y
Abbey Road Vintage Drummer     Y Y
Abbey Road 50s Drummer     Y Y
Abbey Road 60s Drummer   Y Y Y
Abbey Road 70s Drummer     Y Y
Abbey Road 80s Drummer     Y Y
Abbey Road Modern Drummer     Y Y
Drumlab Y Y Y Y
Machine Drum Selection     Y Y
Studio Drummer   Y Y Y
Middle East   Y Y Y
Balinese Gamelan     Y Y
Cuba     Y Y
India   Y Y Y
West Africa Y Y Y Y
Alicia's Keys     Y Y
The Gentleman Y Y Y Y
The Giant   Y Y Y
The Grandeur   Y Y Y
The Maverick   Y Y Y
Una Corda   Y Y Y
George Duke Soul Treasures     Y Y
Scarbee A-200   Y Y Y
Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet   Y Y Y
Vintage Organs Y      
Scarbee Mark 1 Y Y Y Y
Vintage Organs   Y Y Y
Electric Sunburst     Y Y
Strummed Acoustic 2     Y Y
Strummed Acoustic     Y Y
Scarbee Funk Guitarist     Y Y
Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Y Y Y Y
Strummed Acoustic   Y    
Scarbee Jay Bass     Y Y
Scarbee MM-Bass   Y Y Y
Scarbee MM-Bass Amped     Y Y
Scarbee Pre-Bass     Y Y
Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped     Y Y
Session Strings 2   Y    
Session Horns   Y    
String Ensemble     Y Y
Brass Solo     Y Y
Brass Ensemble     Y Y
Woodwind Solo     Y Y
Woodwind Ensemble     Y Y
Percussion     Y Y
Thrill     Y Y
Kinetic Toys     Y Y
Kinetic Metal   Y    
Session Strings Pro 2     Y Y
Session Strings Pro     Y Y
Action Strikes     Y Y
Action Strings     Y Y
Damage     Y Y
Evolve     Y Y
Evolve Mutations     Y Y
Evolve Mutations 2     Y Y
Emotive Strings     Y Y
Kinetic Metal     Y Y
Rise & Hit     Y Y
Enhanced EQ     Y Y
Passive EQ     Y Y
Solid Bus Comp Y Y Y Y
Solid Dynamics   Y Y Y
Solid EQ   Y Y Y
Supercharger   Y    
Supercharger GT     Y Y
Transient Master   Y Y Y
Vari Comp     Y Y
VC 160     Y Y
VC 2A     Y Y
VC 76     Y Y
Phasis Y      
Mod Pack - Phasis   Y Y Y
Mod Pack - Choral   Y Y Y
Mod Pack - Flair   Y Y Y
Crush Pack - Dirt     Y Y
Crush Pack - Bite     Y Y
Crush Pack - Freak     Y Y
Driver   Y Y Y
Guitar Rig 5 Pro   Y Y Y
Molekular     Y Y
Rammfire   Y Y Y
RC 24     Y Y
RC 48     Y Y
Reflektor   Y Y Y
Replika XT   Y Y Y
The Finger   Y Y Y
The Mouth     Y Y
Traktor's 12   Y Y Y
Symphony: Percussion       Y
Symphony: String Ensemble       Y
Symphony: Brass Ensemble       Y
Symphony: Brass Solo       Y
Symphony: Woodwind Ensemble       Y
Symphony: Woodwind Solo       Y
Expansions 3 10 20 50

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