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Audio Interfaces

Audio Interfaces

If you’re making music, the chances are you’ll have heard of an audio interface. This essential piece of studio kit is one of the most important links in your audio chain. The audio interface is responsible for the conversion of analogue sounds to digital during the recording phase of music production and it also takes care of the digital to analogue conversion when you’re playing back your tracks.

Many people question the need for an audio interface. After all, there’s a headphone and microphone jack built in to most laptops and towers – whether you’re a Mac or PC user. These sockets are actually connected to an audio interface, sadly it’s not a very good one and will “colour” your sound and potentially contribute to latency which will affect the playability of your virtual instruments.

As with all studio equipment, a higher spend will generally deliver a product capable of better results. Whether it’s improved converters, lower latency or additional DSP to run additional plugins – the better the interface, the better your workflow will be! Whether you need a USB or Thunderbolt interface, we have a wide selection with the right product available to suit your needs.

Here at Westend DJ, we have a wide range of audio interfaces from manufacturers including Focusrite, Universal Audio, Steinberg, Presonus and more. If you need any help to choose your next purchase please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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