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    "Home Mix is the ideal software if you want to just mix at parties or just want to have a little fun with friends or on your own. This can be great for backing tracks to podcasts for example. You are not a full time DJ but would like to entertain your friends with an easy to use DJ application? MixVibes HOME 7 is the DJ Software you need to instantly mix your media files in a user friendly environment. A simple click allows you to imports your iTunes
    Minimum System Requirements

    Windows® XP SP2 or Windows® Vista SP1 or Windows® 7

    Processor Intel® Pentium III 1GHz or equivalent

    512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

    One available USB port

    Hard drive space for music

    PLEASE NOTE: These are the minimum requirements to run HOME 7.
    For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you buy a higher spec computer.
    We also recommend Intel processors.
    Match Tempo

    Speed up or slow down songs to match tempos manually or synchronise them automatically with a single click or change the pitch without affecting the tempo. The possibilities are endless.

    Loops and Cue Points

    A Cue point allows you to set a precise point to start playback of a song or to jump to any part of the song instantaneously and seamlessly. Create remixes on-the-fly using Loops and Cue Points!


    Enjoy impressive professional DJ effects with parameters settings, such as flanger, phasing, filter, pan, chorus or echo.


    The integrated 16-pattern sampler provided allows you to add original sounds to your mix to make it even more creative and enjoyable. Moreover, over 300 samples are supplied on the installation CD!

    Advanced Playlist Management

    Whether you want to play Rock, R&B, Techno or Soul, MixVibes helps you organize and browse your song library in many ways. Songs can be displayed by genre, BPM, Artist, Year, and more. You can even import your iTunes® playlists.

    USB Audio interface included

    A High-Fidelity compatible USB 2.0 Audio Interface is included with the software. This interface provides an extra output to monitor your tracks through headphones to execute perfect transitions between your songs, just like a real DJ.

    Hands-On Control

    Once you are ready to take it to the next level, just connect any compatible controller, such as a Hercules RMX for hands-on control.


    - Akai MPD16
    - Akai MPD 24
    - Allen & Heath Xone 2D
    - Allen & Heath Xone 4D
    - American Audio DP2
    - American Audio Radius 1000_2000
    - Behringer BCD 2000
    - Behringer BCD 3000
    - Behringer DDM4000
    - Behringer FCB1010
    - Denon DN-HC1000S
    - Denon DN-HC4500
    - Codanova VMX
    - Denon DN-HC1000S
    - Denon DN-HC4500
    - DJ-Tech i-Mix
    - DJ-Tech i-Mix MK2
    - DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload
    - DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload MK2
    - DJ-Tech MIX-101
    - Ecler Nuo 4
    - EKS Otus
    - EKS XP10
    - EKS XP5
    - E-MU Xboard
    - Evolution UC 33
    - Hercules DJ Console MK1
    - Hercules DJ Console MK2
    - Hercules DJ Console MP3
    - Hercules DJ Console Rmx
    - Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
    - Hercules DJ Control Steel
    - Korg nanoKEY
    - Korg nanoKONTROL
    - Korg nanoPAD
    - Korg Pad Kontrol
    - M-audio Oxygen 8
    - M-audio Trigger Finger
    - MixVibes U-MIX CONTROL
    - MixVibes VFX Control
    - Numark Total Control
    - Numark Omni Control
    - Numark Stealth Control
    - Pioneer CDJ-400
    - Pioneer CDJ-900
    - Pioneer CDJ-2000
    - Pioneer MEP-7000
    - Reloop Digital Jockey
    - Reloop RMP3
    - Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch
    - Vestax VCI-100
    - Vestax VCM-100

    Spend £ 321 more to qualify for payment by finance.

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