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Here at Westend DJ we have a wide range of microphones for sale online and in store, perfect for live performances and club nights. We have condenser, dynamic and wireless microphones available amongst our microphone accessories from great brands like Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica. read more

Our condenser microphones are ideal for interviews, group vocals or acoustic guitar. Their structure is built to pick up high frequency sounds and reproduce them in a clear and concise format. You can buy microphones to attach to your camcorder, lightweight and compact enough to be portable for any touring DJ or performer.

We have a great selection of dynamic microphones for sale online and in our Westend DJ store at great prices. Designed for speaking and vocal performances, these dynamic microphones can handle high sound pressure levels whilst maintaining quality. For your microphone accessories you can buy wireless and flexible components to take your recording to the next level, we have universal blimp mounts and mic stands for sale with mounts for smartphones and tablets. 

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