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KORG KAOSS DJ DJ Controller with Soundcard

The Korg KAOSS DJ is a USB DJ Controller with soundcard and a built-in Kaoss Pad

Key Features:

  • Integrated KAOSS PAD for instant control of effects and synths
  • Small, thin, lightweight, with a stylish design
  • Support for "Serato DJ Intro" software (Free download)
  • Built - in Audio interface; simply connect to your PC via USB and start DJ performance
  • Stand - alone operation as a two - channel mixer

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    The KAOSS DJ is a USB and standalone DJ controller that features a built - in KAOSS PAD, KORG 's famous and inimitable touch pad effect s unit. Using these effects, along with the generous assortment of control features provided, will take your DJ performances to a whole new level. Use sweeping filters to accentuat e or create your own drop ; use time - based delays to manipulate the beat; employ isolators to accentuate frequencies for mashups; put a huge reverb on that snare hit... the possibilities are endless!

    KAOSS DJ is extremely compact while maintaining all the functionality DJs command – and more!





    Correspondence Software
    Serato DJ Intro (Free of charge), Serato DJ
    KAOSS Effect

    The Number of Effects

    The Number of Effects Categories

    Filter (13), Modulation (12), Dynamics (3), LFO (17), Delay (12), Reverb (5), Gain (3), Looper (21), Lead (9), Acoustic (2), Bass (6), Chord (5), Sound Effect (12)

    The Number of Synth. Scale
    Setting for Synth. Key
    Main Specifications
    Audio Inputs
    RCA pin jack (L/R) x 2
    Microphone (Standard monaural phone jack)
    Audio Outputs
    RCA pin jack (L/R) x1
    Headphones (Standard stereo phone jack)
    Type B x 1
    Sampling Rate
    24 bit 44.1 kHz/ 48 kHz
    Sampling Frequency
    20 Hz–20 kHz
    S/N Rate
    More than 100 dB (USB)
    Power Supply
    USB bus power
    Current Consumption
    500 mA or less
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    307 mm x 158 mm x 42 mm / 12.09” x 6.22” x 1.65”
    730 g / 1.61 lbs
    USB Cable

    Operating requirements 

    Supported Computers
    A computer that meets the operating requirements of Microsoft Windows 7 or later, and is equipped with a USB port (a chipset made by Intel is recommended)
    Supported Operating Systems
    Windows 7 SP1 or later (32 bit/64 bit) or Windows 8.1 or later (32 bit/64 bit)
    Supported Computers
    An Apple Mac with an Intel processor that meets the operating requirements of Mac OS X and is equipped with a USB port
    Supported Operating Systems
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later


    Filter (13)
    [F.01 Low Pass Filter] [F.02 High Pass Filter] [F.03 Band Pass Filter] [F.04 72dB/oct LPF] [F.05 Morphing Filter] [F.06 Vowel Filter] [F.07 Mid Cut Filter] [F.08 Isolator] [F.09 Dist Isolator] [F.10 Center Cancel] [F.11 Radio] [F.12 Telephone] [F.13 Reverb Filter]
    Modulation (12)
    [m.14.Vinyl Break] [m.15 Break Reverb] [m.16 Jet] [m.17 Manual Phaser] [m.18 Talk Filter] [m.19 Digi Talk] [m.20 Decimator] [m.21 Fuzz Distortion] [m.22 Bass Distortion] [m.23 Ring Mod HPF] [m.24 Pitch Shift HPF] [m.25 Mid Pitch Shift]
    Dynamics (3)
    [d.26 Ducking Comp] [d.27 LowBoost Comp] [d.28 Hard Limiter]
    LFO (17)
    [L.29 LFO LPF] [L.30 LFO HPF] [L.31 Infinite Filter] [L.32 Jag Filter] [L.33 Yoi Yoi] [L.34 Flanger] [L.35 Flanger Filter] [L.36 Infinite Flanger] [L.37 Phaser] [L.38 Mid Phaser] [L.39 Step Phaser] [L.40 Auto Pan] [L.41 Mid Auto Pan] [L.42 Slicer] [L.43 Mid Slicer] [L.44 LPF Slicer] [L.44 LPF Slicer] [L.45 HPF Slicer]
    Delay (12)
    [d.46 Delay] [d.47 One Delay] [d.48 Ping Pong Delay] [d.49 Multi Tap Delay] [d.50 Modulation Delay] [d.51 Tape Echo] [d.52 Dub Echo] [d.53 Feedback Echo] [d.54 LPF Delay] [d.55 HPF Delay] [d.56 Phaser Delay] [d.57 Flanger Delay]
    Reverb (5)
    [r58 Hall Reverb] [r59 Room Reverb] [r60 Spring Reverb] [r61 Pump Reverb] [r62 Freeze Reverb]
    Grain Shifter (3)
    [G.63 Grain Shifter] [G.64 Mid Grain] [G.65 Mix Grain]
    Looper (21)
    [o.66 KP2 Looper] [o.67 LPF Looper] [o.68 HPF Looper] [o.69 High Looper] [o.70 Iso Looper] [o.71 Freeze Looper] [o.72 Phaser Looper] [o.73 Flanger Looper] [o.74 Deci Looper] [o.75 Slice Looper] [o.76 F/R Looper] [o.77 KP3 Looper] [o.78 Backing Looper] [o.79 Shuttle Looper] [o.80 RwDelay Looper] [o.81 OverDub Looper] [o.82 Break Looper] [o.83 KP3 RwLooper] [o.84 Pitch Looper] [o.85 Weird Looper] [o.86 Looper & Noise]
    Lead (9)
    [L.87 Unison Saw] [L.88 KP3 Unison Saw] [L.89 Unison Lead] [L.90 Pulse Verb] [L.91 Paz Square] [L.92 8bit Square] [L.93 Ring Flutter] [L.94 Say Yay Synth] [L.95 Air Spectrum]
    Acoustic (2)
    [A.96 Ray EP] [A.97 Didgeridoo]
    Bass (6)
    [b.98 Slap Bass] [b.99 Unison Squ Bass] [b.a0 Hoover Bass] [b.a1 Wobble Bass] [b.a3 Fall Bass]
    Chord (5)
    [C.a4 Pulse Code] [C.a5 Pump Chord] [C.a6 Scale Chord] [C.a7 Sine Chord] [C.a8 Pad Chord]
     Sound Effect (12)
    [S.a9 Noise Filter] [S.b0 Pump Noise] [S.b1 Bubble SFX] [S.b2 Resonator] [S.b3 Itch Noiz] [S.b4 Ring Mod SFX] [S.b5 Beam Saber] [S.b6 Kaoss Drone] [S.b7 Sync Random] [S.b8 Disco Siren] [S.b9 Rise/Fall] [S.c0 Sweep]
    * Serato DJ Intro is a registered trademark of Serato Corporation.
    * Microsoft and Windows are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation USA in the USA and in other countries.
    * Apple, Macintosh, and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the USA and in other countries.
    * Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the USA and in other countries.
    * All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
    * Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.
    * The color of the actual instrument may differ slightly from the image shown here.
    - See more at:

    Numerous functions indispensable for DJ performance are provided.
    - FX RELEASE function automatically adds a delay when you take your finger off the touch pad, naturally blending the effect into your sound.
    - Hold function mainta ins the effect even after you release your finger.
    - Auto BPM function automatically detects the BPM of the song and synchronizes the effect.
    - Scale/Key settings let you play a synthesizer in the key of your song without any wrong notes.

    Small, thin, lightweight
    The KAOSS DJ is sleek and streamlined; with high - visibility LEDs providing constant feedback to the user. At a mere 730 grams , it’s ready to go anywhere your laptop is.

    Despite its compact size, KAOSS DJ is loaded with powerful features that are all laid out to be friendly and fast. At the heart of the KAOSS DJ is a great - feeling crossfader and two highly - responsive touch platters. Large level meters are placed on both sides of the body provide excellent visual feedback, while adding an eye - catch ing additional live element your performances. All of this, along with cueing, looping, sync, and powerful KAOSS effects, make KAOSS DJ a professional - level DJ controller that’s built to perform.

    Serato and KORG : your new DJ partners
    The easy - to - use Serato DJ Intro software is fully supported, and is available as a free download so you can get started right away . Serato DJ Intro sees the KAOSS DJ and immediately connects. Of course , standard MIDI support is also provided, so you can also use KAOSS DJ with a variety of other DJ software programs . Serato DJ Intro for KAOSS DJ will be available for free download from early March, 2015 on the official Serato web site. ( )

    Serato DJ Intro System Requirement - intro/downloads
    NOTE: Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ do not work when CPU in your PC is AMD.
    Product Support for Serato DJ Intro -

    Built-in audio interface
    KAOSS DJ isn’t just a DJ controller and effects processor. It also features a USB audio interface with inputs and outputs, providing even more performance possibilities. With audio, MIDI and effects features, KAOSS DJ is a complete DJ solution!

    * Windows users need to install KOR G 4ch ASIO driver.

    * Mac users need to install the latest KORG USB - MIDI Driver.

    Stand-alone operation as a mixer
    The KAOSS DJ can also be used as a stand - alone, functioning as a two - channel mixer. Audio sources can be affected by the K AOSS effects. You can choose which set of inputs are processed, or set them all to run through the effects

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