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Touch2 DVS DJ Software

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    The new Touch DVS is the most remarkable value for money product we´ve seen in a long time. Use timecoded vinyl or CD´s to control the software with seamless iTunes integration and use VST plugins to add loads of effects.

    The software is simply, stable and reliable. It will run on Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista and there´s even a Linux version on the way!

    All controls are fully MIDI assignable, you can record your mixes to wav and you can use the software standalone without the time coded vinyl or CDs.

    System requirements (pc):
    Windows 98, 2000, xp, vista
    Pentium4 1.5ghz 384mb ram or higher
    free USB port for interface

    System requirements (mac):
    Universal binary for os x 10.4.10 or later
    Macbook or better advised
    Intimidation Touch digital vinyl system
    Package includes:

  • 2 x time-coded vinyl records
  • 2 x time-coded CDs
  • Touch dvs software
  • Intimidation USB audio interface
  • Dvs technology allows turntables or CD decks to control your media files
  • Virtual riaa pre-amplifier (connect turntable direct to soundcard - no pre-amp required)
  • Play audio files from time-coded vinyl or CD
  • Simple & familiar user interface
  • Custom vinyl tracking algorithm for genuine vinyl sound (near-analog scratch-experience)
  • Very low latency
  • Auto beat matching
  • Visual wave form representation
  • External midi clock may be used as tempo sync source to sync with drum machines or sequencers
  • Virtual zero lock range
  • Record function (record your mix as .wav (16 or 32 bit) during mixing )
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow use without touching the mouse
  • Fully midi mappable (for use with additional midi control devices)
  • Preview player for fast pre-listening of tracks on headphones (traditional dj cue function)
  • 4 hot cue points per track
  • Seamless loops compatible with all external controllers
  • Samplers
  • Effects includes:
    Svf filters,
    Look-ahead limiters on each asio output (avoid audible audio distortions when signal becomes too hot)
    Id2 tag editiing
  • The Official Demo Video of TOUCH 2 DVS, review by the legendary DJ Slipmatt.

    Spend £ 296 more to qualify for payment by finance.

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