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DJ Console 4MX DJ MIDI Controller

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    "The new Hercules DJ Console 4MX is Hercules' new controller to whoe they are serious about 4 deck mixing."
    Large jog wheels with touch detection
    Same size as jog wheels on CD players
    - 12cm (4.7") diameter: as large as a compact disc.
    - 1.9cm (0.75") height: as comfortable as on a CD player.
    - 2 large jog wheels you can't miss.
    Touch detection via weight sensors
    Weight sensors detect the user's touch by detecting the hand's weight, to activate scratch mode.
    Detection of the hand's weight activating the jog wheels' touch control is:
    - natural: like on vinyl turntables and high-end CD players.
    - secure: no disturbance from static electricity.
    - intuitive: no need to calibrate.
    Press down
    The hand's weight moves the jog wheels down by 1mm:
    - press the jog wheel down: you feel that you're scratching.
    - move your hand up: you feel that you've released the jog wheel.

    Jog wheels' control over the DJ software
    While the track plays, you control the DJ software with 2 actions on the jog wheel:
    - rotation, to control movement within the track.
    - press down to control scratching.
    Thus, during audio track playback:
    - Rotation without jog wheel press = pitch bend (like when you turn a turntable's ring).
    - Rotation with jog wheel press = scratch (like when you turn a vinyl record with your hand flat on the record).
    - No rotation with jog wheel press = stop playback (like when you stop a vinyl record's rotation with your hand).
    - No rotation without jog wheel press = playback continues.
    Jog wheel accuracy
    Rotation: 256 steps per revolution = 1.4 degrees per step.
    Press down:
    Powerful DJ control surface
    Number of controls
    2-deck mode
    Transport commands: 66 commands
    Transport buttons + combo commands: 52 buttons
    Shifted commands: 12
    Pitch reset: 2
    Knobs: 14
    Faders: 5
    Jog wheels: 4 commands
    Rotation commands: 2
    Touch commands: 2
    Total: 89 commands

    4-deck mode
    Transport commands: 124 commands
    Transport buttons + combo commands: 96 buttons
    Shifted commands: 24
    Pitch reset: 4
    Knobs: 24
    Faders: 9
    Jog wheels: 8 commands
    Rotation commands: 4
    Touch commands: 4
    Total: 165 commands

    2-deck and 4-deck DJ mixing controller

    2-deck control
    DJ Console 4-Mx controls 2 decks in the same way as DJ Console Rmx.

    4-deck control
    DJ Console 4-Mx controls both 2 decks and 4 decks, with 2 buttons switching the decks:
    - a deck switch button on the left deck converts deck A into C / deck C into A.
    - a deck switch button on the right deck converts deck B into D / deck D into B.
    Once a deck is switched:
    - all of the commands that the deck's controls send to the DJ software are changed.
    - the letter of the active deck is highlighted in the center of the mixer.

    Audio for mobile and club DJs
    2 stereo outputs
    2 independent stereo outputs on the rear panel:
    - 4 RCA connectors to connect to a stereo system, a recorder...
    - 4 mono connectors in ¼'' jack format, to connect to a public address amplifier or speakers.
    A ground lift switch on jack outputs 1-2, to protect the sound in the event of a ground loop.
    1 headphones ¼'' jack stereo output, located both on the top panel and on the front panel.
    The headphones play the same channels as outputs 3-4 on the rear panel.
    The 2 ways of using DJ Console 4-Mx's audio outputs are:
    For a mix inside DJ Console 4-Mx:
    - connect the speakers/amplifier to outputs 1-2, to play the mix for your audience.
    - connect headphones to one of the 2 headphone outputs (front or top), to preview tracks.
    For an external mix (using an external mixer - VirtualDJ Pro (not included) or other DJ software required):
    - connect DJ Console 4-Mx outputs 1-2 to inputs 1-2 on the external mixer.
    - connect DJ Console 4-Mx outputs 3-4 to inputs 3-4 on the external mixer.
    - mix on the external mixer, and connect headphones to the external mixer.
    - use DJ Console 4-Mx to control the virtual decks.
    2 stereo inputs
    2 independent stereo inputs via 4 RCA connectors:
    - Select the audio source type in the DJ Console 4-Mx control panel: phono/consumer line/pro line/boost.
    - Boost mode supports +8dBu signal level (for use with Pioneer CDJ players, for example).
    - If the audio sources are vinyl turntables at phono level, connect the turntables' ground cables to the DJ Console 4-Mx's grounding screw.
    1 microphone ¼'' jack mono input, located on both the top panel and the front panel.
    The microphone input can be set:
    - as a talk-over source (default mode): the microphone is played on outputs 1-2 over the music in the background, using the music attenuation level set in the DJ Console 4-Mx control panel (0dB, -3dB, -6dB or -9dB).
    - or as a standard source, replacing inputs 1-2.
    DJ Console 4-Mx pre-amplifies the microphone input by up to +34dB.
    Key features
    Large DJ station for mobile computer DJs
    - 2-deck/4-deck metal DJ controller to mix 2 or 4 stereo audio tracks
    - 2 stereo out (for mixing & previewing) + 2 stereo in (for analog gear)
    - Mobile metal controller: a large mixer (40x25cm) with included carry bag
    2 large jog wheels with touch detection
    - Jog wheel size: 12cm diameter (4.7") x 1.9cm height (0.75")
    - Weight sensors, to detect the hand's weight on the jog wheel top
    - Great for scratching and seeking within audio tracks
    2-deck & 4-deck control
    2 shift buttons to turn deck A into deck C, and deck B into deck D
    - 2-deck for standard DJ mixes, when mixing 2 audio tracks
    - 4-deck mixing: double the controls when you mix 4 tracks

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