Formula Sound AVC-2D Digital Noise Limiter

The Formula Sound AVC-2D is a digital noise limiter with 3 different modes of operation, giving full control of music levels without compromising the audio quality.

Key Features:

  • 3 modes: Stereo, mono and microphone signal monitoring
  • An LCD on the front panel displays all the information regarding set-up and attenuation figures
  • For added flexibility, the attack and decay times can be adjusted as well as trigger levels
  • Discreet 1db steps of attenuation mean that the fading is not noticeable

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    The Formula Sound AVC2D analogue signal processing digital control noise limiter gives full control of music levels without compromising the audio quality. Installation is very straightforward with just a couple of cables to plug in and is usually a DIY task.

    TheAVC2D automatically adjusts the volume once a preset threshold has been reached to keep the audio level within that required. When attenuating the audio signal the distortion from the AVC2-D is less than 0.01% so the quality of the audio is not compromised.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is usually only suitable when the sound system is permanently installed in the venue. For venues where DJs or bands use their own equipment, the Sentry Noise Limiter (click here for details) is required.

    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20Khz +/- 0.5 dB 
    • Distortion: THD+Noise @ 1Khz 0/P Level +20dBu <0.01% 
    • Noise 20Hz - 20Khz: EIN < -90dBu 
    • Inputs: 
    • Electronically balanced, connect negative to screen for unbalanced use. 
    • Input impedance: Balanced 20K Ohms Unbalanced 10K Ohms 
    • Maximum input level: +22dBu 
    • Clip indicator: Indicates © +20dBu 
    • Outputs: 
    • Electronically balanced, connect negative to screen for unbalanced use. 
    • Source impedance: 100 Ohms 
    • Minimum load impedance: 600 Ohms 
    • Operating Threshold Range: adjustable from -20dBu to +10dBu 
    • Attenuator Range 0dB to -80dB 
    • Control chain: The control chain has a flat frequency response, however other options are available on request (eg A weighting). 
    • Modes: 
    • Mode 1 Stereo channel 
    • Mode 2 Two Mono channels 
    • Mode 3 Stereo channel and external microphone. 
    • Mode 4 Available shortly - This will monitor background level and adjust paging level up or down according to background sound level. 
    • Power: 220V - 240V (Internally switchable to 110V). 
    • IEC Mains connector; mains fuse 250mA slow blow. 
    • Finish: Front and Rear panels - Black anodised aluminium with silver legend. Case - Black plastic coated steel. 
    • Dimensions: 19 inch Rack mounting, 1RU 
    • Width 482mm (19 inch) Depth 200mm (7.9 inches) Height 44mm (1.75 inches) 
    • Weight: 5kg 

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