Here at Westend DJ you’ll find the very latest DJ, audio and production equipment from Focusrite. Manufactured for the musician, DJ and producer, their range of audio interfaces, preamps and controllers will help you to achieve the very best performance.


For over 20 years Focusrite have been producing the some of the world’s fastest and best sounding audio interfaces. Offering best in class dynamic range, Thunderbolt technology and up to 24bit,192kHz sample rates, these audio-interfaces delivers the lowest latency of any interface using Core Audio/ASIO drivers. Read more

For the recording musician or digital DJ we stock the Scarlett 18i8 and Scarlett Studio range of interfaces and accessories. At Westend DJ we also have for sale a wide range of audio equipment for all your needs including USB, Firewire/Thunderbolt, iOS and Ethernet audio interfaces.


For complete control and audio management we offer a wide range of monitoring packages for home studios and professional set-ups. From single mic preamps to portable USB interfaces and iTrack Dock Studio Packs, we have everything you need to record beautiful quality sound.

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