Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal have been producing high end audio products since 1979, and have been a major player in every discipline they have entered. Focal began to manufacture Pro Audio reference products from 2002 after solidifying their position as one of the best speaker manufacturers in the home HiFi and in car entertainment industries.

Known in the HiFi and Pro Audio circles for their innovative technologies which include the inverted dome tweeter,W” sandwich cone drivers and use of unique materials such as Berrillym to push their products as important tools for any studio, Focal have, in such a relatively short period of time, become the go-to brand for professional studios around the world for production, mixing and mastering chasing the ever evolving 'true' sound.

Their flagship monitors, the Focal SM9's, are featured in some of the biggest studios around the world and are almost unrivalled in terms of their sonic performance and boundary bursting features which include the incredible and innovative passive radiator system, now found in their mid tier Shape series monitors, which produces impressively detailed low end frequency information without sacrificing mid range detail, something that the many professional studio monitors struggle with.

Interms of dynamic range, stereo positioning, frequency response and transparency, Focal created a range of products that can accurately portray the sounds being created in the best way possible, which intern gives the end user the oportuinity to correct errors such as unwanted distortion in the production before the mixdown stage, thusly reducing the time it takes to get a project completed.

One of Focal monitors' best attributes is the ability to produce a punchy and information rich signal, even a low volume levels. This is a great benefit to all bedroom and professional producers/engineers, who can continue to work for long periods of time without the need to have the monitors at a loud volume. You're still able to hear all the important details of the music in detail, which also helps reduce the chance of fatigue.

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