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EMU Pro 61 Keyboard

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    "The LONGboard 61 is a professional 61-note USB/MIDI instrument ideal for the stage or studio. The instrument sports an all new E-MU synthesizer chip capable of 16-part multitimbral, 128-voice professional sample playback with 32-bit reverb and chorus effects and comes packed with a 64MB sound set that includes a General Midi bank and a complete range of classic keyboard sounds such as: Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, B3s, Clavinets, and Solina-Moog-OB-Prophet-Juno-TB synthesizer leads and basses.Easy to setup and useDesigned to operate as a stand alone instrument, the LONGboard 61 can operate on USB, wall adapter, or even battery power. To use with a computer, just plug in and go! With the Kensington slot and dual headphone jacks, the LONGboard 61 is ideal for academic and institutional settings.The LONGboard 61 also has a built in wireless transmitter that, when combined with an E-MU PIPEline receiver and a set of batteries, enables a totally wireless playing experience! (PIPEline is E-MU's new wireless stereo transceiver system designed for musicians.)"
    Technical Specifications
    Audio line output (left and right) ¼" Unbalanced jacks
    Sustain foot pedal input jack
    Volume control pedal input jack
    MIDI in/out jacks
    2 ¼" stereo headphone output jacks
    PIPEline wireless transmitter channel selector (3-channels)
    8 velocity curves
    More than 192 programs
    Weight: 14 lbs
    Dimensions (L x W x D): 39" x 11.5" x 3"

    Retail Box Contents
    LONGboard performance keyboard
    LONGboard operation manual
    USB cable
    5V DC universal power adapter

    Minimum System Requirements
    Mac OS X
    USB 1.0 or 2.0 port
    128MB system RAM
    Windows XP or Windows Vista
    USB 1.0 or 2.0 port
    128MB system RAM
    LONGboard features:
    E-MU 8030-based sound-engine with 128-voice polyphony
    Over 192 built in sounds featuring 64 custom E-MU classic keys programs and a full GM bank with drums

    128-voice polyphony

    16-part multitimbral synthesizer

    Reverb and Chorus effects

    User-definable split keyboard (for playing two sounds at once)

    Synthesizer controller knobs (double as MIDI controllers)
    61-note velocity sensitivity keyboard with aftertouch

    Pitch and Mod Wheels

    Data control slider

    Octave transpose buttons

    Built-in wireless E-MU PIPEline audio transmitter

    MIDI Input and Output jacks (the MIDI jacks can also function as a MIDI interface for your computer)

    Dual 1/4" headphone jacks

    Can be bus-powered via USB, DC adapter, or batteries
    Example onboard programs:
    Grand (x2) and honkey tonk pianos

    Rhodes, wurlis, CP-70B and DX7´s

    Oberheim, Juno, and Moog´s

    Strings, brass, and sax´s

    Full GM bank plus 16 drum kits

    Spend £ 350.8333 more to qualify for payment by finance.

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