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Dynacord PowerMate 600-3 Powered Mixer

The PowerMate 600-3 is a mixer with 8 channels with powerful amplifier, high quality effects, a proffesional 4x4 USB interface with MIDI in a lightweight package with extra robust cover lid.

Key Features:

  • Mixer with 8 input channels (4 Mic/Line + 2 Mic/Stereo-USB + 2 Stereo-Line)
  • Very powerful and reliable amplifier with 2 x 1.000 Watts / 4 Ohms
  • 2 High-Quality editable effects, 100 factory and 20 user presets
  • Professional 4x4 24-bit / 96 kHz USB interface with MIDI
  • Lightweight (9.5 kg) road-ready package with extra robust cover-lid

    Product Code: 100270551

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    The PowerMate 600-3 is a mixer with 8 channels with powerful amplifier, high quality effects, a proffesional 4x4 USB interface with MIDI in a lightweight package with extra robust cover lid.

    The PowerMate compact power mixers incorporate profound know-how, based on our research, development and inter-communication with our customers in the professional audio market, for decades.

    It incorporates not less than six dedicated audio devices into one compact frame: mixing console, two effects units, graphic equalizer, USB audio interface and power amplifier. Each of them is on the highest quality level as you would expect from a stand-alone device. The PowerMate is a real all-rounder for almost all applications with maximum feature set at minimum size.

    The mixing section starts with 6 lowest noise, discrete microphone preamps. 3 auxiliary busses, one of them switchable pre/post fader, allow high flexibility for monitoring. The two effects processors offer 100 factory presets, including the already legendary PowerMate-reverbs. Further, each preset can be edited and stored to 20 User memories.

    The built in USB audio interface shares 4 playback and 4 recording channels simultaneously with a PC or Mac, following studio standard 24-bit / 96 kHz. An additional MIDI interface allows integration of instruments, such as keyboards. A license for Steinbergs Cubase software is part of the package.

    The 9 band stereo graphic equalizer allows precise tone control for speakers and room matching.

    The amplifier is extremely powerful with 2 x 1000 W / 4 Ohms (RMS). Due to modern switching mode power supply technology and a class-D output stage, it’s very efficient and lightweight, too. An optional speaker protection allows limitation of long-term power without giving up dynamics.

    Finally, the slim housing is protected by a rugged plastic lid, hold by strong snap in magnets.

    Channels (Mono + Stereo) 4 + 4
    Microphone Inputs (XLR) 6
    Auxiliarys (MON, FX, AUX) 1 Pre, 1 Post, 1 Pre/Post switchable


    Max. Single Channel Output Power, Dynamic-Headroom, IHF-A
    into 2.66 Ω 2 x 1600 W
    into 4 Ω 2 x 1250 W
    into 8 Ω 2 x 675 W
    Max. Single Channel Output Power, Continuous, 1 kHz, THD = 1%
    into 2.66 Ω 2 x 1350 W
    into 4 Ω 2 x 1150 W
    into 8 Ω 2 x 650 W
    Maximum Midband Output Power, 1 kHz, THD = 1%, Dual Channel
    into 2.66 Ω 2 x 1350 W
    into 4 Ω 2 x 1000 W
    into 8 Ω 2 x 600 W
    Rated Output Power, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, THD < 0.5%, Single Channel
    into 4 Ω 2 x 900 W
    into 8 Ω 2 x 450 W
    Maximum Output Voltage, of power amplifier, 1 kHz, no load 74 Vrms
    THD, at 1 kHz, MBW = 80 kHz
    MIC input to Master A L/R outputs, +16 dBu, typical < 0.005%
    POWER AMP INPUTS to Speaker L/R outputs < 0.075%
    DIM 30, power amplifier, 3.15 kHz, 15 kHz < 0.05%
    IMD-SMPTE, power amplifier, 60 Hz, 7 kHz < 0.15%
    Frequency Response, -3 dB, ref. 1 kHz
    Any input to any Mixer output 15 Hz to 70 kHz
    Any input to Speaker L/R output 20 Hz to 30 kHz
    Crosstalk, 1 kHz
    Amplifier L/R < -85 dB
    Channel to Channel < -80 dB
    Mute- & Standby-Switch attenuation > 100 dB
    Fader & FX/AUX/MON-Send attenuation > 85 dB
    CMRR, MIC input, 1 kHz > 80 dB
    Input Sensitivity, all level controls in max. position
    MIC -74 dBu (155 µV)
    LINE (Mono) -54 dBu (1.55 mV)
    LINE (Stereo) -34 dBu (15.5 mV)
    CD (Stereo) -34 dBu (15.5 mV)
    POWER AMP INPUTS +8 dBu (1.95 V)
    Maximum Level, mixing desk
    MIC inputs +11 dBu
    Mono Line inputs +31 dBu
    Stereo Line inputs +31 dBu
    All other inputs +22 dBu
    All other outputs +22 dBu
    Input Impedances
    MIC 2 ㏀
    CD In 10 ㏀
    All other inputs > 15 ㏀
    Output Impedances
    Phones 47 Ω
    All other outputs (balanced/unbalanced) 150 Ω / 75 Ω
    Equivalent Input Noise, MIC input, A-weighted, 150 ohms -130 dBu
    Noise, Channel inputs to Master A L/R outputs, A-weighted  
    Master fader down -100 dBu
    Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader down -92 dBu
    Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader 0 dB, Channel gain unity -82 dBu
    Signal/Noise-Ratio, power amplifier, A-weighted, 4 Ω 105 dB
    Output Stage Topology, amplifier Class D
    LO Shelving ±15 dB / 60 Hz
    MID Peaking ±12 dB / 2.4 kHz
    HI Shelving ±15 dB / 12 kHz
    Master EQ 9-band (63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 6.3k, 12kHz) ±10 dB / Q = 1.5 to 2.5
    LO-CUT, mono inputs f = 80 Hz, 18 dB/oct., switchable
    Speaker Processing LPN, switchable
    Type 2 x Stereo 24/48-bit multi effects processors
    Effects presets 100 Factory + 20 User, Tap-Delay
    Remote control Footswitch, MIDI
    Display 128 x 64 pixels, OLED
    Digital Audio Interface
    Channels 4 In / 4 Out
    AD/DA Conversion 24-bit
    Sampling Rate 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz
    PC Interface USB2.0, Female Type B
    Peak Display 6 dB before Clip
    MIDI Interface 5-pin DIN connector, In / Out
    Output Power Control (Speaker Protection) Adjustable longterm RMS Limiter
    Mixer Outputs, relay controlled AUX, MON, MASTER A L/R
    Amplifier Audio Limiters, High Temperature, DC, HF, Short Circuit, Peak Current Limiters, Turn-on Delay, Back EMF
    Switching Mode Power Supply (µC controlled) Inrush Current Limiters, Mains Over/Undervoltage, Mains Over Current, High Temperature
    Cooling Continuous speed controlled Fans
    Phantom Power, switchable 48 V DC
    Power Requirements (SMPS with auto range mains input) 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz
    Power Consumption, at 1/8 maximum output power, 4 Ω 450 W
    Safety Class I
    Ambient Temperature Limits +5 °C to +40 °C (40 °F to 105 °F)
    Dimensions (W x H x D), mm With lid: 438.8 x 161.7 x 362.5 Rack-mount: 483 x 135.8 x 310.3 (7 HU)
    Net Weight, without lid 9.0 kg
    Net Weight, with lid 9.5 kg
    Shipping Weight 12 kg
    Warranty 36 months
    Optional Accessories  
    Rack Mount Kit F01U214880 (DC-RMK-600-3)
    FS 11 (Footswitch with LED) F01U100598 (DC-FS11)
    Carrying bag F01U259014 (DC-BAG-600PM)
    Device in rated condition, unity gain (MIC gain 20 dB), all faders position 0 dB, all pots in mid position, master fader +8 dB, LPN HIGH, amplifier load 8 ohms, dual channel, mains voltage 230 V/50 Hz or 120 V/60 Hz, unless otherwise specified.



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