DJ Mixers

A great DJ is only as good as their mixing station, that’s why we sell the finest quality DJ mixers available in the UK from top brands including Pioneer DJ, Denon and Numark. Whether you’re looking for a compact DJ mixer like the Numark M2 with switchable inputs for your turntables, or an effects mixer like the Mixars Duo with top of the range MIDI mixer and DJ software for those creative DJ sets; we have everything you need online or at our Westend DJ store in London. read more

For the more advanced DJ equipment, Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 combines the best of both worlds as a high quality Traktor DJ certified MIDI controller but also as a stand-alone scratch mixer. With both analog and digital functions you can use your CDJs alongside your turntables for the ultimate DJ mix experience.

Whether you are an advanced DJ with your professional studio or just starting out as a beginner we will have the right DJ mixer for you. From 2 to 4 channels, special FX, MIC inputs and CDJ connections we sell the best equipment for any DJ set up. 

Meet The Pioneer DJ DJM-A9

The successor to the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 has been announced. Boasting improved sound quality, an all new mic channel strip (which now includes phantom power), new Beat FX, a flexible send/return option and WIFI as well as bluetooth connectivity - the DJM-A9 is the professional DJ mixer for today's DJ booth, festival stage, live stream and broadcast applications. To see how the DJM-A9 compares to the DJM-900NXS check out this guide.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction