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DJ Media Players

We have all the best equipment for the new school digital DJ right here in our DJ store or online at Westend DJ. For your DJ CD and MP3 players, we stock the biggest brands and DJ products available from Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon and Reloop with CD packages and Twin or Single CD players all available at great prices. All our DJ CD Players come with great compatibility for turntables, iPhone and android connection, wireless connectivity and the latest in DJ software from the likes of Tracktor and Virtual DJ - so you can create a great DJ mix with your entire music library wherever you are. read more

We have a wide range of Digital Media Players to buy, like the Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2 that supports USB connection, SD card, CD and a MIDI Controller. You can now play amazing DJ sets and prepare playlists using its Pioneer Rekordbox Software and app which can be used on your iPhone or android.

If you are just after a Single CD Player to add to your DJ kit, the Numark NDX500 works with CD-Rs and MP3 CDs for all your DJ music; and with a touch sensitive scratch and search wheel it really does enhance your creativity for all those live DJ mixes.


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