Equipment Stands

Here at Westend DJ we stock the finest DJ equipment stands and accessories to make sure your DJ set up is not only efficient but reliable to work with. We have everything from speaker stands, table stands, CDJ stands and even DJ booths for sale to give you the most complete and professional equipment display.

We have everything to complete your DJ kit at home or in the nightclub - starting with the Sefour XE040-901 CD Player mount bracket with a tiltable clamp; perfect for holding the Pioneer CDJ1000 or similar CD Players so you are never restricted to one brand of DJ CD Player. Are you a digital DJ with your own music studio or permanent home set up? We stock wall-mounted universal CDJ stands from Spacetech that can fit with all large CD players, laptops and effects units and the sliding clamp allows you to adjust to any angle and provide you with permanent support in your DJ booth wherever you need more

Spacetech also offer freestanding single and twin CDJ stands for the ultimate DJ set up; ZOMO have the best twin CD Player set covered with the ZOMO P1000-2 so you can complete your DJ decks in just one purchase. Do you use keyboards and DJ controllers in your DJ kit? The Quiklok Z716 is a flexible Z frame stand that provides a solid base for supporting all different types of DJ equipment like audio, laptops and keyboards; the brand also offer many different models of stand to be configured to your stage, studio or home production environment.

Here at Westend DJ we don’t just supply DJ equipment stands for your turntables or CD Players; take a look at our DJ booths built with shelves and crossbars complete with cover and a carry bag to take anywhere the music takes you. We stock the Chauvet QT-Goal truss kit with its lightweight 35mm triangular frame; it provides the perfect support to mount DJ lights and hang your back drops on. For an even quicker set up time – why not buy the LiteConsole XPRSlite with an even more sleek and stylish design? Its trusses are lightweight and streamlined to give the quickest set up time on the market; perfect for a DJ on the go. Come and visit us in our Westend DJ store to see for yourself, our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

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