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DJ Effects

Create your own sound effects and change up your tunes with our DJ effects units available online or in our Westend DJ shop.  We stock the latest innovation in DJ effect controllers from big names in special FX like Korg, Pioneer DJ and Roland.

The latest effect processor for sale in the Korg range is the Korg Kaoss-Pad-Quad which is the most technologically advanced effects unit yet. Korg offer a wide variety of effects and sampling options and its colour touch screen gives the user an interface compatible with a DJ studio or night club, making it an essential part of your DJ equipment. read more

Looking for a top of the range sampler? Roland’s SP-404 performance sampler has enhanced sound quality, improved DSP effects and more versatile pattern sequencer. Our effects units come highly praised from digital DJs, producers and sound engineers who trust Westend DJ for a great performance every time.  

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