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Here at Westend DJ you will find the most varied range of digital DJ controllers for sale online all at fantastic prices. From MIDI USB controllers to Digital Media Players, our selection is vast and you are sure to find everything you need to complete your DJ set up. 

We stock the biggest names in DJ equipment like Pioneer DJ, Novation, Traktor software and Numark bringing you the latest in live controllers, CDJs and mini keyboard controllers all with state of the art DJ software compatibility from Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Rekordbox. The new Pioneer DDJ-SR for Serato DJ is a more compact, lighter 2 channel controller which still features the performance pads and high quality build of its' bigger brother DDJ-SX – perfect for the digital DJ on the move.  read more

For enhanced creativity from us at Westend DJ, the Novation Launchpad is perfect for DJing, performing live or working in your own DJ studio. The Launchpad features a multi-colour, 64-button grid for launching clips plus eight dedicated scene-launch buttons. The buttons are lit by LEDs displaying your clip status so you can see at a glance what is loaded, what is currently playing and what is being recorded.

Your DJ kit will never be the same with the DJ controllers we have on sale; and it doesn’t stop there -the Pioneer XDJ-1000 is a USB only multiplayer deck, maintaining all the great performance of top quality CDJ inheriting features from the CDJ-2000NXS. It features a large full-colour touch screen, giving digital DJs access to all the features they need, with separate tabs for Browse, Play and Perform. This fine piece of DJ equipment is the first Pioneer DJ player without a CD drive, meeting the ever growing demand for USB players, making it a must-have DJ controller for the next generation of DJs. 

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  • Akai LPK25

    The LPK25 laptop performance keyboard is an extremely portable USB-MIDI controller for musicians, producers, DJs and other mu...

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  • AKAI AFX Serato FX Controller

    The Akai AFX is a 4 Deck complimentary control surface for Serato DJ. The AFX will give you contol over effects, Cues, Loops,...

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  • AKAI AMX 2-channel mixing surface for Serato DJ

    The AMX is a powerful controller for any performer controlling 2 decks of Serato DJ with an intuitive array of faders, touch-...

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  • AKAI APC40 MK2 Ableton Controller

    The APC40 mkII features a 5x8 RGB LED clip-launching matrix, assignable A/B crossfader, 8 rotary knobs, 8 channel faders, and...

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  • Akai MPD226

    The Akai MPD226 is a MIDI USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend...

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  • Akai MPD218

    The Akai MPD218 is a feature-packed MIDI pad controller ideal for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs. It features 16 r...

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  • Akai MPD232

    The Akai MPD232 is a MIDI USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend...

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  • Akai LPD8

    The Akai LPD8 is a super portable USB-MIDI controller combining 8 drum trigger pads with 8 rotary control knobs. It's the ide...

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