Make the most of Lockdown with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 is the perfect for those who want to start DJing.  This smart DJ controller is lightweight and compact with a layout that will be familiar to anybody who has ever peered into the DJ booth.  This industry standard layout will help you learn to mix and, if you're so inclined, develop your hobby into something more.

Play tracks via your smartphone or PC/Mac using a variety of DJ apps and software including our dedicated, free app WeDJ for iPhone or WeDJ for Android, as well as djay and edjing Mix. Depending on your device and the program you choose, you can mix music stored in your iTunes or rekordbox library, or stream songs from Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Deezer or even Spotify.

Quickly develop your mixing skills with the help of the Tutorial and Pop-Hint features in WeDJ for iPhone. These functions will teach you about the hardware and help you understand DJ terms. Your hands will be flying between the DDJ-200’s jog wheels, buttons and knobs when you’re done. Use Transition FX to help you match phrases and smoothly transition between songs. This beginner DJ controller will have you dropping mixes and playing friends’ requests like you’ve been doing it for years.

The key features of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 include:

DDJ-200 Compatible Apps Image


Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac to start mixing. A number of software programs and apps – including WeDJ for iPhone, WeDJ for Android, djay, edjing Mix and rekordbox dj – are compatible with selected devices. You’ll also have free use of all the features in WeDJ for iPhone that normally require in-app payments.

This wide range of platforms ensures that the DDJ-200 is perfect for the beginner but also useful for more experienced DJs who need a portable controller that can be taken anywhere. 

For beginners, both WEDJ and Rekordbox DJ feature tutorial modes to help users become quickly accustomed to mixing between two tracks.  New DJs will be creating impressive sets to share with their friends at parties and via live streams in no time at all with the DDJ-200.

DDJ-200 Streaming Sites Image


Depending on your app and device combo, you can mix sounds via streaming services including Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Deezer, and even Spotify.

This wide range of streaming providers ensures that DDJ-200 users have access to the biggest selection of tracks in across all genres.  WEDJ for iOS and Rekordbox DJ for MAC and PC provide access to Beatport Link and Soundcloud Go+.  DJay, from Algoriddim, offers Spotify on iPad and iPhone while edjing Mix delivers access to Deezer on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Please note that at this moment in time WEDJ for Android does not support streaming.

DDJ-200 Tutorial and Hints Image


Our updated WeDJ for iPhone app includes Tutorial and Pop-Hint features. They’ll help you learn how to operate the controller, discover the basics of DJing including common DJ terms, and have you mixing in no time.  Rekordbox DJ for Mac & PC also features a tutorial mode which can help beginners with to perfect the skills they'll need to conquer clubland.

Video Tutorials from Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ have created a series of handy tutorial videos, so you can find out how to set up the controller and software, play tracks and express yourself by putting your own spin on the music. Become a master of the DDJ-200 and WeDJ with this tutorial series.

DDJ-200 Transition FX Image


Just starting out behind the decks? Transition between tracks and make it sound professional with the Transition FX feature in WeDJ for iPhone. Choose from 11 effect styles and simply slide the crossfader to the other side to smoothly switch tunes.

Switch Tracks Naturally

Our Phrase Sync feature will analyze and align the positions of 2 tracks. As a result, it will sound natural when you switch between tunes. This feature will help beginners to learn the structure of tracks and ensure that mixes start and finish when they should.

DDJ-200 Portability Image


The DDJ-200 is lightweight and portable. Leave the speakers at home and play sound from your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac’s audio outputs. No outlet handy? No problem. Power the controller via an external battery.

Split Output

While everybody else hears the master sound through the speakers, you’ll be listening to and cueing the next track on your headphones. Simply plug in the supplied split cables to separate the audio.

Complete your lockdown beginner dj setup!

Pioneer DJ DM-40

Pioneer DJ DM-40


Pioneer DJ have packed the compact DM-40s with high-quality speaker technology from their pro-audio sub-brand TAD and S-DJ X Series of pro-DJ monitors, including a front-loaded bass reflex system to deliver a tight bass kick you’ll feel.

Soft dome tweeters with DECO convex diffusers produce a 3D stereo sound and a wide sweet spot; so you’ll enjoy a clear, energetic sound whether you’re sitting to produce, standing to DJ or listening to music from your smartphone.


Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5


Hear your tracks loud and clear in the booth and on the move with the HDJ-X5. By taking on board feedback from DJs and analysing many different styles of monitoring, Pioneer DJ made sure the latest DJ headphone range includes all the features needed for performing at every level.

Thanks to the high-quality audio design inherited from our Pioneer DJ's previous professional DJ headphones, you can enjoy distortion-free monitoring, even at high volumes, wherever you go.