Manufactuer: CYCLONE

Cyclone Analogic TT-606 Drum Drone

Inspired by the Roland TR-606 Drumatix, the TT-606 Drum Drone is an analog drum machine with the classic TR sequencer interface

Key Features:

  • TR-606 Cloned Drum Machine
  • MIDI In/Out & Thru
  • Headphone Output
  • Amplifier Output
  • 9x Instruments with Individual Outputs
  • Adjustable Tone Parameter
  • Accent, Flam & Roll Tracks
  • 4x Sequencer Speeds

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    Inspired by the Roland TR-606 Drumatix, the TT-606 Drum Drone is an analog drum machine with the classic TR sequencer interface. It contains individual outputs per drum sound, a useful expansion upon the original TR-606 for patching with other modern gear. MIDI In/Out, a headphone jack, and an amplifier send are also available.

    The TT-606 contains all the classic drum sounds from the TR, including Kick, Snare, Low and High toms, Cymbal, open and closed Hihat, Rimshot and Clap, with an adjustable parameter for each sound. Each sound has selectable Accent, Flam, and Roll tracks, for ultimate pattern sequencing.

    The sequencer includes multiple choices for subdivisions of the Tempo, including 1/16, 1/32, 8th note triplets, and 16th note triplets. It also has options for shuffle, all of which can be programmed in real time.



    Drum Drone TT-606



    Bass Drum

    Snare Drum

    Low Tom

    High Tom


    Open Hi-hat

    Closed Hi-hat


    Hand Clap

    Main Controls


    Tempo Knob

    Volume Knob

    Track/Instrument Selector Knob

    Mode Selector Knob

    Accent Level Knob

    Tone Knob

    MIDI Out / Thru Selector Switch

    Power On / Off Switch


    Instrument andSubmix Level Controls


    Bass Drum Snare Drum Toms |

    Cymbal | Open+Closed Hi-hat |

    Rimshot+Hand Clap

    Data Storage


    User Patterns: 64 | User Tracks: 9 | User Drum Kits: 32 |

    User Clips: 16 per instrument


    Operating Modes


    Pattern Write | Pattern Play | Track Play | Track Write


    Pattern Features


    Pattern Length: 1-64 steps

    Per-instrument, per-step modifiers: Accent, Flam, Roll

    Programmable Fill variation for each pattern

    Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet, 16th note triplet

    Assignable pattern LED color

    Pattern Copy / Paste functions


    Track Features


    Visual track programming system | Maximum Length: 240 bars |

    Per-bar fill variation option


    Tone Control Parameters



    Bass Drum: Tuning

    Snare Drum: Snare Snap

    Low Tom: Tuning

    High Tom: Tuning

    Cymbal: Decay Time / Tuning

    Open Hi-hat: Decay Time

    Closed Hi-hat: Tuning

    Rimshot: Timbre

    Hand Clap: Density

    Global Features


    Shuffle Amount | Flam Time | MIDI In / Out channels

    Illuminated buttons: 26 | Tap Tempo Input | System LED color

    Nuance: Automatic rhythmic Tone variation (per-instrument)




    Main Mix (1/4" mono, +15dBu)

    Headphone (1/4" stereo, +10dBu)

    Bass Drum (1/8" mono)

    Snare Drum (1/8" mono)

    High + Low Tom (1/8" mono)

    Cymbal (1/8" mono)

    Open + Closed Hi-hat (1/8" mono)

    Rimshot (1/8" mono)

    Hand Clap (1/8" mono)

    MIDI Out / Thru




    Power (9VDC, 300mA) | MIDI In Negative Tip Barrel


    PC Functions


    Cyclone Studio application for PC & Mac enables Drum Drone software update and user data backup & restore using MIDI SysEx transfer.




    Dimensions:  L310mm x W130mm x H35mm | Weight:  Unit 783g

    (Boxed with accessories) 1.332kg


    Included Accessories


    100-240v Universal Power Adapter | Near Invisible Force Field  |

    Case Transporter Printed User Manual


    Available Accessories


    7 Lines 1/8 to 1/4 output cable snake |

    Triple 100-240v Universal Power Adapter  |



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