Audio Interfaces

Whether you are looking to record at home or buy audio interface equipment for your studio, we are guaranteed to have the right DJ equipment on sale for you. We have Firewire Audio Interfaces, PCI Audio, Thunderbolt and USB Audio interfaces all available online or from our Westend DJ store. read more

Firewire Interfaces are very popular due to their ability to transfer high amounts of data at even faster transfer rates. Firewire interfaces also transfer music at a smoother, more constant rate than a USB connection which results in less disturbance when recording or streaming audio. We stock the Saffire PRO 26 with us online and this piece of DJ kit is a fully comprehensive, studio quality 18 in/8 out, 24-bit/96kHz whilst being Thunderbolt compatible. It is also agreed that Firewire transfers at a smoother, more constant rate than USB which generally results in less 'clicking' or 'popping' when recording or streaming audio. If the interface supports it, Firewire devices can also be daisy-chained together to add more inputs to your setup.

Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces give you a very fast 10Gbps connection so your data transfer is much faster than USB or Firewire interface. We sell the popular Clarett microphone preamps here at Westend DJ, from one of our leading suppliers, Focusrite, the Clarett interfaces offer crystal clear conversion with 24bit, 192 kHz sample rates and extremely high dynamic range. 

USB Audio Interfaces turn your Mac or PC into a USB digital recording studio. Our range of audio interfaces all come as a compact and portable device so you can give yourself studio quality recordings no matter where you are. We stock a fantastic 2-channel USB audio interface named Scarlett Solo - featuring a microphone and Focusrite preamp and an instrument input. It comes with all the software and sounds you need to record and mix music at home or in the studio. 

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