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Roland and Serato finally show off the DJ-808

So, the cat is finally out of the bag.. the new product that Roland and Serato have been working on is the new DJ-808 controller with a built in sequencer and genuine 606, 707, 808 and 909 sounds.

The DJ808 has a very familiar look to it with 2 large jog wheels (with illumination) 2 x 8 performance pads, 4 deck control and 4 channels.

Now, the top of the unit is where the fun starts. The TR-S is a drum machine, sequencer and voice changer.

The drum machine has legacy sounds from the 606, 707, 808 and 909 but the sequencer can also load sounds from Serato’s sampler AND all can be synced with the current BPM.

You can even use the performance pads with the built in drum sounds.

The voice changer can work with a mic or instrument input too.

We will be at the BPM show getting a first look at this, check out our Facebook page on Sunday morning for an update.

There’s much more to it than this, we will publish more when we can, in the mean time check out the comprehensive first look on djworx and the recording of the live broadcast from Serato (tip, performance starts 9 mins in).

The official press release with a bit more info:

TWO PLAYERS – ONE SOUND. Announcing Roland DJ-808 for Serato DJ.

Serato and Roland announce the first DJ controller from Roland, the DJ-808. A professional 4-channel DJ controller with built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, external instrument connectivity and deep Serato DJ integration. This will redefine what it means to DJ.

Developed in close collaboration with both companies from the very beginning, Serato’s software expertise is combined with Roland’s excellence in hardware to develop the most advanced piece of DJ hardware yet. The integration of a drum machine with a DJ controller opens the door to an entirely new way of DJ expression, and the 808 is an iconic place to begin.

For the first time, there is an instrument for DJs that allows seamless movement between the DJ booth, live stage or the studio. Serato and Roland worked closely to ensure professional level quality and a vinyl like scratch experience with some of the lowest latency platters of any DJ controller in the market today. There is deep integration with Serato DJ, having the most advanced set of DJ performance controls available. The DJ-808 has endless possibilities for DJs – it brings the studio, booth and stage closer than ever before.

Serato CEO Young Ly says, “Serato’s collaboration with Roland opens the door to an exciting new wave of DJ hardware that brings production, live performance and DJing even closer. The DJ-808 combines Serato DJ with the iconic Roland TR-808, and is the first controller from the new partnership. We’re the leaders in DJ software, partnering with Roland, a company with such a rich heritage and legacy in instruments and music production is very exciting. We’re bringing our collective experiences and knowledge together to create the future.”

Roland CEO Jun-ichi Miki says, “Roland is proud to bring its rich history of musical instruments to the field of digital DJing. Serato, a world leader in DJ software, is the perfect partner to share this vision for the future of DJ performance. The fusion of Serato’s core audio technology, such as Pitch ‘n Time, and the classic sounds of Roland’s legendary drum machines, have created the first and only instrument for the producer DJ. This is an exciting first step for Roland into a new world – a world that will inspire the next generation of performers.

Roland DJ-808 Features

  • Integrated TR-S drum machine offering the iconic 606, 707, 808 and 909 drum sounds in a 16-step sequencer, which can also trigger the newly improved 8-slot Serato DJ Sampler.
  • RGB coloured performance pads give performers and DJs control for all the usual Serato DJ features such as Hot Cues, Loop Roll, Slicer, Sampler as well as TR Pad Mode for the drum machine and Pitch Play.
  • The unique Roland VT Voice Transformer is something new for Serato DJs, offering a number of powerful effects including pitch shifting and vocal key matching to playing tracks via the Auto Pitch feature.
  • Two AIRA link USB ports offering seamless connection with Roland synths and instruments. This offers a huge range of creative possibilities for live performance rigs, remixing and music production.
  • Control for all of the professional level Serato DJ features such as Serato Flip, Pitch ‘n Time DJ Key Shifting and Sync, Looping and all library and play controls.
  • Serato DJ Enabled – no extra license required. Also includes a license for Pitch ‘n Time DJ.
  • Purchase the DVS Expansion Pack and connect turntables or CDJs.
  • 24bit/96kHz audio fidelity
  • Dual-deck mode to control two Serato DJ decks simultaneously
  • Large range 100mm pitch faders for accurate level control in the mix
  • 1/8” and 1/4” headphones jacks, combo XLR input jacks, built-in phono pre-amp, and audiophile sound quality.

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