Adam Audio release new T5 and T7 affordable studio monitors.

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NAMM 2018: Adam’s new T5v and T7v are a new level of entry level monitors

Adam Audio have announced these new vertical monitors at a price range that’s within reach of most new studio setups.

The T Series are 2 way active monitors using U-ART tweeters (Unique Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter) with multiple connections and built in crossover. Both feature Class D amplifier modules with 20w high end and 50w low end.

The T5v and T7v have both XLR and RCA connections on the rear Two 3-way switches boost or cut respective low and high frequencies ±2 dB and also provide a ‘flat’ setting. These EQ switches let you tailor the frequency responses to fine-tune their performance when mounting them on shelves, a table top, or a console bridge, and at various distances from nearby walls.

To prove how reliable these are, Adam monitors include a 2 + 3 year warranty once you register them online, you can’t beat that for peace of mind.

The T5 and T7 are shipping soon priced at £149 and £175 each inc VAT.

Adam T5v £149 

Adam T7v £179

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