10 Reasons Singa Pro is the best Karaoke App… ever!

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Singa song for me? Simply the best Karaoke app… Ever!

Karaoke originated in Japan, roughly translated means ‘Without Orchestra’. ‘Kara’ meaning empty/bare handed as in ‘Karate’ and the ‘okee’ sound is the first syllable of the word ‘Orchestra’ as pronounced by the Japanese. Since it’s origins, Karaoke machines that combine instrumental backing tracks along with the words on screen have come along way. It wasn’t *that* long ago the songs were monophonic like someone had remixed the ringtone of a vintage Nokia phone, and words appeared on a CRT screen with a font borrowed from the Ceefax pages. What we all need is a Karaoke app that’ll make life easy, and fun!1990 Top 40 Ceefax

Let’s fast forward to 2018; I’ll spare the rest of the history lesson! A relatively new company Singa have come to rescue us from those monophonic backing tracks and replaced them with supersonic sounds. The ceefax visuals have turned into something like a primetime TV show. It truly is the best way for Karaoke jocks and venues alike to offer the ‘bare orchestra’ to their crowd. Karaoke is great for the customer – get a Singa Pro package and it *will* make you more money whilst attracting a wider customer base than you currently have.

What is Singa Pro?

Singa Pro is an iPad based (iPad and all accessories needed are included – more on this later) Karaoke app system that uses its cloud based library of 25000+ Karaoke tracks spanning all genres and styles, made by the best Karaoke publishers in the world. The database is constantly updated with latest tracks from around the world. The real beauty is how Singa connects to your audience, to request tracks and provide instant alerts to their fan base if you’ve got a karaoke night in your venue.

Here’s 10 reasons why its the greatest, Karaoke system, ever!

1. “Our Karaoke player is great; why should I switch over to Singa?”

Ok kinda not. However; the Singa Pro app means your venue (or Karaoke night) pops up on every Singa domestic users app; this drives extra customers and in turn contributes to food and beverage sales.  When you realise that there are over 60,000 Singa app users and counting, they can all see your venue, its opening times and address resulting in more exposure to you. 

2. Low Staffing Costs


Riding Solo by Jason Derulo would be the song that fits here; the Karaoke host and/or your customers would be running the app, so you wouldn’t need any more than one dedicated person to operate the app; and thats only if you wanted a host element – otherwise the app would be run by the customers through their song selection and automated queueing within the Singa Pro App. Another way to operate virtually staffless is to have a device running the domestic app fixed to a wall or podium, running the app for song selection.

How much does it cost to buy the iPad to run it?

‘The best things in life are free’ – Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross

Well, a 128Gb iPad 5th gen is included when you buy Singa Pro from us, worth £550 in itself – so think of it as a free bit of hardware included in the price 🙂 If you already own an iPad, you can just subscribe directly from the Singa Pro website here. The Singa Pro system includes the iPad and 12 months of Pro subscription, after this time you are free to subscribe as and when you need the app; one month at a time.

You also get a tough case for the iPad with a security lock, to stop it going walkabout as well as tough screen protector pre-fitted and an genuine Apple AV – Lightning adapter with HDMI output.

How easy is the Singa app to use?

‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ – Lionel Ritchie

Everything runs harmoniously within iPad; you can manage the queue of music, song selection and advertising in-app. Its the most straightforward way to deliver karaoke, by far. Thanks to the included media adapter, connectivity to the TV screen(s) is via HDMI. The app automatically starts background music when opened, and splits the screens so you have your operations window and a sleek front end visible for customers. 


Does the Singa app enhance Customer Interaction?

I’m in Control – Aluna George

Yes! The innovative Singa Pro system allows your customers to control which song they sing directly from the Singa Karaoke app they have on their phones, at the touch of a Button. The app is free to download and use, so potential clientele can access the vast song library without needing a poorly presented folder of dog eared, booze stained pages and a scrap of paper with a pen stolen from Argos.

What are the Visuals like on the Singa Pro Karaoke app?

Did you see – J Hus

There’s no terrible visuals to be seen here! Singa Karaoke App Developers have created fresh, sleek and contemporary visuals that complement every song in the in the karaoke app, perfectly. Long gone are the 1980’s-like graphics and glitchy CD+G visuals, replaced with smooth countdowns and accurate word detection, so singers always know what they need to sing.

What happens in-between karaoke songs within the Singa app?

Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode

The Singa Karaoke app allows continuous music to be played when karaoke isn’t in use; either via the Singa radio station or spotify, so atmosphere is maintained between karaoke tracks. The Singa Pro Karaoke app’s in built radio is completely free and will automatically run in between Karaoke tracks. 

What if I need urgent support with the Singa Karaoke App?

I’m Always Here – Jimi Jamison

The Singa App technical team are on hand to help with queries you may have day and night, so rest assured the assistance is there, whenever and wherever you need it. It doesn’t matter if its a question on the preparation or performance, the Singa Karaoke team are on hand 24/7 to make sure everything runs smoothly for you and your business. 

Can I run advertising on the screens?

Money, Money, Money – Abba

Using the Singa Pro Karaoke App, you can promote upcoming events, current offers and partner brands via the Singa broadcasting platform, which is super swift and straightforward to use. Through a simple login, you can upload images representing your partners, a clients name or company logo. This way your brands are always represented in-between tracks. You can also insert text within the app to run across the top of the screen; particularly handy for special information including when the next Karaoke night will be, for example. 

Cost Effective

Money’s too tight to mention – Simply Red

When you buy the Singa Pro Karaoke App system from us the 12 month licence is included – beyond this, the cost of subscription to the pro service (all the songs, advertising, Singa radio) works out to £200 a month. If you’re a venue or DJ using this 2 nights a week, its only £25 per use!

Don’t Just Take our Word for it!

Forbes’ Memo site put it perfectly: Singa Pro Karaoke App is the Smart and Sassy ‘Spotify of Karaoke’

Read more about it here

Ready to buy a Singa Karaoke system with iPad? Click here!

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