American DJ, or ADJ as they’re commonly referred to, have been “Lighting the future!” since 1985. The company was originally a supplier of lighting kit to the mobile entertainment industry. In recent years, the Los Angeles based ADJ Group diversified its product portfolio to supply lighting and audio products for home, architectural, stage, touring and mobile entertainment applications. In addition to the aforementioned product areas, ADJ also supply trussing for displays, events and stage productions.

The ADJ company philosophy of innovation has been followed since its inception and has resulted in the development of many breakthroughs in the professional lighting industry. American DJ products are designed with the end-user in mind, delivering the wow factor needed to entertain dancefloors the world over.

ADJ products have also been specified for many major concert tours, including John Mayer, Bon Jovi and Brad Paisley, American Idol, Brit Floyed, Deadmau5, Germanys Next Top Model, Supertalent, Madness, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and many more.

In addition to the stage presence enjoyed by many American DJ fixtures, there are many famous clubs around the world that use the reliable equipment such as Tette Club, City Nights, Fluxx, Rumor, Glass Lounge, Club Spice and Playhouse.

With kit that’s built to last and can withstand the rigours of life on the road, the American DJ lighting range stocked and available for demo at Westend DJ, is the perfect addition to your rig!

American DJ Lighting Packages

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