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Alto was born in 2000, and is the brainchild of a passionate team of audio engineers. The mission was simple; to design and make PA equipment for the masses. For this to happen, the quality had to be superb yet affordable. Alto continues to nail this task for equipment used across all live performance areas, whether you’re a DJ in need of speakers to rock a room or a band in need of a new PA system. Alto professional products are also loved by the sound engineer, as all products are designed to withstand the rigours of the road and remain faithfully reliable. At the gig, live mixers are easy to navigate and use with more features than rivals, while Alto subwoofers provide a punch well above the weight class.

Alto also make extremely convenient ‘all in one’ PA systems which can be used for small solo events and practicing, or for instructors who require neat and transportable solutions to project their voice or musical accompaniment to be heard by the class. 

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  • Alto TS312S Subwoofer

    The Alto TS312S Subwoofer packs a punch with 2000W peak class-D power and 12" long excursion woofer, making it an ideal addit...

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  • Alto TS315S Subwoofer

    The Alto TS315S Subwoofer provides all the low end you need for you PA setup. The subwoofer features 6 DSP modes for matching...

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  • Alto TS318S Subwoofer

    The Alto TS318S Subwoofer provides all the low end you need to add to your PA setup. Featuring 6 DSP modes for matching with ...

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