Allen & Heath XONE:96 Club Mixer

4 channel analogue club mixer with dual soundcards

Key Features:

  • 6+2 channel mixer
  • Dual USB sound cards
  • X-Link connection
  • MIDI output
  • 4 band EQ
  • Dual cueing system
  • Traktor Scratch Certified

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    The Allen & Heath xone:96 is based on the legendary xone:92 club mixer and now offers some great new features as well as digital connectivity.

    Channels for days

    The xone 96 is a 6 + 2 channel mixer, there are four main music channels, each with high quality phono or line level analogue inputs. The left side of the mixer has two more channels with mic or line inputs and the there are two aux channels as well.

    The xone:96 retains much of the same layout of the 92 with 4 band EQ on the 4 main channels where the two mic / line channels have 4 band parametric EQ. This extra level of control lets you adjust the frequency range of the EQ to help shape the sound of your source.

    The main 6 channels can also be used to playback from either of the 2 built in soundcards. There are two more auxiliary channels, both with simple ‘on/off’ buttons and rotary level control.

    Sounds Good To Me

    The dual VCF filters are assignable on each channel and now feature Crunch harmonic distortion. Importantly, the original analogue circuitry that has made the xone range of mixers as popular as they are today. The VCF filters allow you to control high pass, band pass and low pass frequencies and the 6 main channels each can use either the X or Y filters.


    xone 96 cue

    Play DJ Tag

    The major news on the xone:96 is the inclusion of dual USB soundcards, each 24 channel with 32 bit / 96kHz providing great sound quality, comprehensive routing of audio and seamless back to back DJ changeovers. With b2b DJs in mind, the other big feature on the xone:96 is the addition of a second dedicated cue system which allows another DJ to monitor any input through a dedicated output with level control.


    Route 96

    one:96 routing

    With a total of 3 sends and 5 returns,the xone:96 has some very complex and clever routing possibilities. Each of the 6 main channels have two individual sends to route that channel to an external effects or sampling unit and the returning signal routed back in to the two left channels or aux channels. The master signal can also be sent and returned for a simpler solution.

    The xone:96 is also fitted with Allen & Hetah's X-Link connection to hook up their K series controllers and who knows what else in the future.

    Scratch Away

    The xone:96  is fitted with an innoFader and now has a single piece top plate for smoother, obstruction free scratching. The dual soundcards are also Traktor Scratch certified to let you use the software in time code mode along with 2 or 4 decks and no extra interface required.

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