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Akai Pro

Akai Professional have been best known in the music industry for their iconic MPC workstations which shaped the hip-hop scene through the 80's. This legend was reborn recently with the new MPC X and MPC Live with their built in processors, operating system and large touch screens. 

Over the last few years though, Akai have still been making some great controllers too, like the MPK range of keyboard controllers. The ultra compact MPK Mini Mk2 is great for portable music making or just starting out. The MPK261 is a full size 61 key beast with a great number of controls including MPC style drumpads.

There is also the APC range of controllers designed to work seamlessly with Ableton Live but will work with most DAWs. Then the MPD range of pad controllers for drummers wanting MPC pads with software.

 The new Fire controller is the first piece of hardware designed to be used with FL Studio, making producing tracks on the most popular software a breeze. 

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