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Acme PENG03

LED Penguin Flat Lighting Effect (PENG03)

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    Product Code: 100057646


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    "The Acme LED Penguin offers a stunning, rich multi-coloured lightshow similar to a traditional moonflower and is also fitted with a flat mirror which swings 90 degrees to the beat of the music. With sound activation it projects pin sharp beams which stands shoulder to shoulder with any other moonflower around. Virtually no heat is produced and with no lamp to replace it will prove to be a first class light effect for thousands of hours without consuming a single lamp."
    Power supply: 240v
    Dimensions: 430 x 230 x 210mm
    Weight: 2.0kgs
    No Duty cycle, runs all night
    LED Projector with built in programmes
    Sound-to-Light with built-in microphone
    High light output with new lens technology
    Great effect with and without fog
    Very low power consumption
    LED´s: Red 16; Green 15; Blue 15
    Extremely long life of the LED´s: 100,000hours
    Lightweight and robust plastic body

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