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Fill your DJ studio or live production with high quality sound from our range of professional active DJ speakers here online at Westend DJ. We stock everything from a professional grade PA system to your dependable Subwoofers all from great brands like Gemini, QSC, Mackie, Yamaha and Alto. We have the right speakers for you; whether you are a digital DJ, music producer or audio engineer we are sure to have the right audio system and DJ speakers. read more

Our PA speakers like the DB Technologies Opera 512DX uses the 12" subwoofer and 1" tweeter combination to produce the best beats and bass. The 512DX has a very precise mid-range and high frequency output, giving the perfect performance for live bands and vocal performances. We can further enhance your stage set up with our range of stage monitors; the Flexsys FM10 has extended bass response making it the ideal monitor keyboard, it also renders vocals with such precision that it can serve as a compact full range system.

We also stock Bluetooth active speakers like the Alto TS115w - this speaker’s wireless capability means you can use your Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPod or iPhone to play your favourite music outside or in the club without the need for cables. You can give your club night, music production or house party a night to remember with our massive selection of speakers all at great prices online or in our Westend DJ store today.

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