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FOCUSRITE Control 2802 Analogue Console and DAW Controller

Control 2802 is a super-flexible analogue console and an Ethernet-based DAW control surface in one.

Key Features:

  • Transparent Class-A microphone preamplifiers
  • Stereo mix bus compressor with parallel compression
  • High-end analogue summing mixer
  • 32 inputs to mix within a natural analogue workflow
  • Comprehensive Ethernet-based DAW control layer
  • Unrivalled routing options

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    Product Code: 100100016

    Availability: Discontinued


    Focusrite Control 2802 is a small-format analogue recording console and a DAW control surface in one. It forms both the digital control nerve centre and the analogue heart of the modern professional project studio.

    Control 2802 is a super-flexible analogue console and an Ethernet-based DAW control surface in one. Precision analogue audio architecture delivers a superb, big studio sound, while Control 2802 demonstrates extraordinarily versatile routing capability, with cues and auxes available to provide up to 32 mix inputs and a DAW-integrated two-part in-line-style channel. Ethernet-connected HUI control layer allows DAW operation right from the console. There’s no other small-format console quite like Control 2802: nothing sounds like it, and nothing offers this level of design sophistication, flexibility and control.



  • Frequency Response: +/- 0.3 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • THD + Noise:
  • Noise: Mic EIN (20 Hz to 20 kHz, 150 ohm source
  • Bus Noise: All inputs routed
  • Mic CMRR: 70 dB (min. gain)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Unboxed: approx. 450mm x 170mm x 550mm (17.7 x 6.7 x 21.7 inches)
  • 13RU rack mount height (15RU with connector space)
  • Weights - Gross Weight: 18.3kg / 40.3lbs
  • Transparent Class-A microphone preamplifiers.
    Extra high bandwidth and low noise discrete transistor preamps, with channel inserts and direct outputs from anywhere in the signal path to give ultimate routing flexibility. Fully automatable in both analogue and digital layers.

    Stereo mix bus compressor with parallel compression.
    Powerful, punchy dynamic control with in-built parallel compression. Patchable across other channels, or extendable with external compressor connections.

    High-end analogue summing mixer.
    Carefully crafted circuitry adds stunning analogue magic to your mixes. Take creative control over your music with mixing at your fingertips and hear the benefits of an extended frequency range - super high bandwidth at over 120 kHz.

    32 inputs to mix within a natural analogue workflow.
    8 analogue channels, switchable between mic, line and DAW, plus 8 alternate inputs with gain and pan control. 8 summing inputs in 4 stereo pairs. Stereo FX and auxiliary returns. Main and DAW mix stereo returns.

    Fully featured master section.
    Unparalleled monitor control taken straight from a large studio console. Fully featured range of monitoring options, including numerous solo, polarity inversion and mono listening modes.

    Comprehensive Ethernet-based DAW control layer.
    Effortlessly navigate round your DAW from the console with Dual Layer Technology. Integrated control of plug-ins, auxiliaries, automation and project navigation.

    Unrivalled routing options.
    Easy analogue patching lets you use the Focusrite Control 2802 to its fullest. A wealth of routing options offers myriad possibilities for your studio workflow with six auxiliaries complementing the stereo mix bus.

    Midnight and Forté Plug-in Suites.
    Modelled on the ISA 110 and 130 modules, these plug-ins give you the classic Focusrite EQ and compressor sound within your favourite DAW.

    Additional Features

    Motorised Alps faders for both analogue and digital layers.
    Super smooth and responsive motorised faders to give accurate mix control at your fingertips. Work independently within either, or both, layers.

    Switchable 48V Phantom power and channel input options.
    Use any microphone in any channel with switchable Phantom power. Individual 6 to 60 dB gain, phase reverse and high pass buttons on each channel.

    Dedicated stereo cue bus.
    Create and adjust headphone mixes quickly and easily with the dedicated stereo cue. Go pre or post fader, or select the alternative inputs to add 8 channels to your mix.

    High-resolution OLED displays.
    Beautifully clear and bright displays give you feedback directly from your DAW and let you manage your channels without needing to leave the console.

    10-LED Channel Meters.
    Fast-acting 10-LED meters for the input or output of your analogue channel strip, or your DAW returns.

    Robust well built design.
    Sturdy, ergonomic console that has the look and feel of a large studio desk.

    i-Jack input.
    3.5mm stereo jack input with dedicated gain control. Compare mixes from your portable music device quickly and easily.


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