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Event 20/20 BAS Active Studio Monitor (Single)

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    "First released in 1995, the original 20/20 nearfield studio monitor revolutionised the recording industry and secured itself a place in the hearts of audio engineers the world over for its truthful reproduction and outstanding sonic character."
    Frequency Response 35Hz - 20kHz ±2dB
    Crossover Frequency2300Hz3rd
    Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m,
    Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m,
    200 - 20kHz0.2%3rd
    Harmonic Distortion @ 90dB SPL, 1m,
    Acoustic Output - SPL @ 1m, Long term
    (80Hz - 20kHz)105dB
    Acoustic Output - SPL @ 1m, Peak
    (80Hz - 20kHz)108dB
    Signal InputXLR, RCA (balanced/unbalanced)
    Low Frequency Transducer
    Piston Diameter180mm (7.1")Voice Coil ConfigurationHigh temperature single coilVoice Coil Diameter38mm (1.5")Former MaterialHigh-strength Polyamide - Glass FiberMagnet TypeFerriteCone TypeMineral Filled PolypropyleneMagnetic ShieldingBucking magnet and steel cap
    High Frequency Transducer
    Dome Diameter25.4mm (1")Voice Coil Diameter25mm (0.98")Magnet TypeFerriteDome TypeSilkGap DesignFerrofluid CooledMagnetic ShieldingBucking Magnet
    Amplifier - Low/high frequency
    Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz(±0.2dB)Operating Band Pass20Hz - 2400Hz (LF)/2400Hz - 20kHz (HF)Total Harmoic Distortion0.01% 120 Watts into 4 Ohm LoadLong Term Power @ 4 Ohms80 WattsBurst Power @ 4 Ohms120 WattsOutput TopologyClass ABLF TrimConstantly variable ±3dBHF TrimConstantly variable ±3dBSubsonic Filter-3dB @ 30HzDriver ProtectionCurrent LimitingTemperature ProtectionThermal Cut-Off SwitchIndicatorsEvent badge ´On´ modeCoolingConvection - Aluminium Heat SinkPower RequirementsVoltage selector 110-120V or 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 180VA
    Power via detachable 3 circuit IEC type linecord
    Cabinet ConstructionMDFLow Frequency VentsFront PortCabinet Dimensions260mmW x 375mmH x 300mmD
    (10.2"W x 14.8"H x 11.8"D)Cabinet Weight17kg (37.48lb)Shipping Dimensions375mmW x 495mmH x 415mmD
    (14.8"W x 19.5"H x 16.3"D)Shipping Weight19kg (41.88lb)
    Now fifteen years later Event is pioneering a new generation of clarity, transparency and definition with the release of the 20/20BAS. This speaker incorporates a number of fundamental improvements over the original model while remaining true to its character and performance strengths.

    The original transducer design and cabinet volume have been maintained, however the high and low frequency amplifiers, cabinet bracing and overall construction have been revolutionised to improve audio characteristics, increase dynamics and extend reliability.

    Event´s engineering team used ideas and technologies from its flagship Opal speaker in order to achieve performance in keeping with the company design philosophy of high output, low distortion and excellent dynamics.

    Fully discrete Class AB amplifiers for the tweeter and woofer provide up to 250 watts of burst power with less than .01% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). This more than doubles the power provided by the original 20/20bas amplifier design with less than half the distortion. Sustained high output performance is ensured through a new oversized toroidal power supply that can ensure sustained extreme low frequency reproduction.

    "We were very respectful to the original 20/20 speaker" explains Event´s Director of Engineering, Marcelo Vercelli. "Everyone in Event´s design department has great respect for the speaker, but we saw a few areas where we could use techologies developed for Opal to get even better dynamics with lower distortion. The new low frequency amp can deliver up to 250w of peak power into the woofer. This gives you the BOOM... the definition in the bottom end that you´re looking for."

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