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KORG Zero8 DJ MIDI & Effects DJ Mixer

The Korg Zero8 mixer is a new concept for DJ's producers and live performers

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    The Korg Zero8 mixer is a new concept for DJ's producers and live performers. With full midi control, streaming audio through firewire and fully assignable effects pad and 8 channels
    Two models are available: ZERO4 is a four-channel version designed for the needs of the modern DJ, and ZERO8 is an eight-channel version covering the needs of advanced laptop musicians, studio remixers and DJs requiring more channels.

    Both the Zero 4 and Zero 8 are now Trakor Scratch Certified.

    Designed for high-quality digital and analog audio

    ZERO LIVE CONTROL MIXER delivers truly professional-spec audio. It supports 24-bit 48 kHz high-resolution audio as standard, and can support up to 24-bit 192 kHz audio that's equivalent to DVD audio fidelity. Along with the digital domain, analog components such as the input/output circuitry and power supply have been designed with painstaking attention to high-quality sound. The internal ±18 volt power supply design delivers plenty of headroom and excellent audio quality. The mic preamps are an ultra-low impedance design by Peter Watts, a veteran designer of numerous professional mixers throughout his tenure at the Trident Corporation in the UK and as chief designer and vice president for product development at Mackie Designs in the USA. Finally, the power supply is a universal design that does not require an AC adapter, ensuring that the world-traveling professional can get to work immediately, assured of the highest level of performance.

    EQ Variety

    The EQ Selector is a completely new idea, providing an EQ section with eleven different simulation types. They cover needs ranging from corrective equalization to boldly creative sound-shaping, giving you a variety of EQ responses and curves, filter characteristics, and even isolator modeling that can be switched independently for each channel as needed. The stereo eight-channel ZERO8 provides an amazing eight units (independent for each channel).

    ZERO8 Input and EQ Selector

    FireWire control over audio and MIDI
    ZERO LIVE CONTROL MIXER contains a FireWire interface that lets you process and mix audio sources digitally, at the same time as performing MIDI control. Since ZERO LIVE CONTROL MIXER contains everything else you need (audio interface, mixer, effect processor, MIDI controller), setup is simple, making it an extremely convenient choice for the mobile computer-based professional.

    A full complement of effects
    One particular advantage of the ZERO series is its powerful effect system. On the stereo eight-channel ZERO8, there's one Insert effect, one Send effect, and one Master effect. For the Insert effects you can choose from eight effect types, and for the Send/Master effects you can choose from eleven effect types, meeting the demands of any live mix.

    Next-generation KAOSS effects
    The stereo eight-channel ZERO8 uses its touch display as a realtime effect controller like the KAOSS PAD. You can manipulate a variety of effects while watching the graphics on the display, giving you an entirely new sense of control. This touch display can also be used to control MIDI and other settings simply by touching them, making it very easy to edit the settings.

    ZERO8 Touchscreen Effects

    A complete MIDI control surface
    By using the dedicated "ZERO Edit" software you can freely assign MIDI messages to the faders, knobs, push-type encoders, buttons, toggle switches, and X-Y pad.

    ZERO8 Controller Bank

    This allows you to use the abundant hardware on the ZERO Mixers to control soft synths, DAWs, effects processors and much more. Since each channel of the mixer can be assigned to different functions you can be mixing the audio from your computer with one channel while adjusting MIDI parameters with another.

    Traktor Scratch Certified

    The ZERO4 and ZERO8 are amongst a small group of mixers/control surfaces with digital audio interfaces that are Certified Traktor® Scratch ready. By adding Native Instrument´s Traktor® Scratch software to your Zero rig, you're instantly able to scratch and mix any digital media on your desktop computer or laptop using your existing turntable or CD deck setup with the specially coded CD's and records!

    In Native Instrument's own words, "Products that have been deemed "TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certified" are premium quality mixers with integrated audio interfaces. Products selected for TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certification meet the highest standards for professional sound quality and seamless integration within a TRAKTOR SCRATCH DJ-ing set-up. A TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certified product can be transformed into a complete TRAKTOR SCRATCH system cost-effectively with the TRAKTOR SCRATCH Upgrade Kit."

    Ableton Live® Inside

    Also included is Ableton Live 6 Korg Edition. Live 6 Korg Edition allows you to construct music intuitively and in real-time with the ZERO mixer. Additionally, the Live Lite 6 Korg Edition offers audio/MIDI recording and many editing functions. Just a few of the possibilities and advantages of this integration of products include: easily assigning software tracks to hardware I/O and channel strips and tweaking plug-in parameters as well as accessing Live control mappings with the press of a button.

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